Home is Where the Heart is….

But what if your heart is in more than one place?


Proverbs 3:6 

In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Yes, I know.  Listen.  He knows what He is doing and I don’t.  I like to argue.  Anyone that knows me knows how incredibly stubborn I am.  He has been hinting for over a year, and I push the idea aside.  Well now, he smacked me in the face with it.  What, you ask is He telling me to do?

Be full time with my family in Haiti.

Crazy…  right?

My ideas, my thoughts, my answers are not His.  I have always said that we would run our ministry from America with the help of our very skilled Haitian employees.  We will continue to go once every 2-3 months for a week or so, to stay accountable and do administrative duties.

In my mind “my” mission was always and only widows.  Boy, God sure had other plans in that department too.  In January our first team visited Haiti, they had a strong urge to visit orphanages… I do not have any connections with orphanages but our director Rodnald sure does.  He brought us to Garden Of Hope in Montrouis, a small orphanage with 38 kids and no committed support.  The owner of the orphanage works to pay for all of these children and the staff.  He can not do it on his own and many of these children are sick and hungry.  I still fought the need to be involved.  We visited, we prayed, God will provide.  Right? Of course He will, but only if I listen to Him.

Shortly after our trip in January, Pastor Jake was notified by Junior (orphanage director) that one of his children was very ill and in the hospital, needing funding.

Junior with Roseberline in the hospital

I cried out to God…”Why!  Why me!  I don’t do orphans!!” His answer was to provide the funding needed for this hospital stay.  Ok, I hear you, but I still don’t like it.

During this time a family had approached 7:10 about serving full time in Haiti.  Again, this had not been on our radar, but what we heard from this family is that they were called.  How can we say no to that?  But, lets do a see and feel trip first.  A week long trip was planned with the family and myself as a guide for mid April. The family prayed dillegently, planned carefully, and even started to learn creole.  We met at the airport in Minneapolis, at a ridiculously early hour on Saturday morning, after a restless night with little to no sleep.  Our flights were smooth and we landed on time as expected and were through customs in a breeze.  Our ride waiting for us outside.  None of us had eaten that day, so our first stop was at an americanized restaurant for a burger before heading back to the village.  The ride to La Digue went smooth, but the baby was not feeling well.  It was hot.  Mama missionary was not comfortable with her decision to travel with the baby and after our arrival in La Digue, the decision to go back to the states the very next morning was made.  Flights were booked without any problems.  Mama and Papa missionary had a very loooooong night with a very restless baby.  Mama had a kidney stone before she left that had decided to visit again.  The heat and dehydration were not helping the nursing mom with that pain.  It was a wise decision to go home.  But why?  Why were they called to go through all of this, all the fundraising, all the planning, all the preparing, to only stay for a few hours?  And now what was I going to do?  I had no real purpose to be there other than welcome the family and introduce them to the country I love.  Should I go home too?  (insert the sound of thunder and a lightning strike to my head here)

The answer was clear.  No.  I attended a funeral that Sunday in the mountains, and the week never slowed down after that.  I know that this is going to sound crude, but this is what I felt.  God literally “dumped” 5 very very sick CHILDREN!!! in my lap.  He said, “here you go my child, love these children, they need you”

The why was made clear to me very quickly.  The family that wanted to join us in Haiti HAD to come.  They had to come to see why it wasn’t their time or season to serve in Haiti.  If they had stayed home, waited, not listened….. they would not have been shown why the season wasn’t right.  They also HAD to go for me to realize that yes, indeed, we do need a missionary family on the ground in Haiti serving with 7:10.  That family is us.


Wonderline leaving a TB sample

I came home in a real bad place.  I had fallen in love with the children that we served that week. I bonded.  I nurtured as they were my own.  I had to leave my heart in Haiti, to return to where my heart was in America.  I argued with God and with my self for weeks after my return.  I was ugly.  My husband… gentle and kind, said to me “Tanja, when are you going to listen to Him, and what He is calling you to do?”  BUT…. BUT…. BUT…..

So.  Here we are.  Raising support so we can go to Haiti.  Here is a link to our support letter if you are interested in reading it.   Dwire Family Support Letter

People think we are crazy.  People think it is reckless.  People think it is wrong.  But it doesn’t matter what people think.  Only what God thinks.

We ask you to be in constant prayer for us and for our journey.

If you feel led to donate to our support here is a direct link Donate to the Dwire’s

We are open to any questions that people may have for us too.  We know this is huge, and we are open with our thoughts, plans, and intend to share with everyone.

Blessings to you all ~ Tanja


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  • You’re not crazy. I love you, you have more than most , what it takes to do what you’re driven to do. It’s an open ended journey and you will find your way. There is a message in the mess Tanja. Do what is best for you and your family. You’ve got this. I pray that you get all the prayers and support you need. You’ll need a lot of both. It’s not an easy life you’re headed towards. Love you.