Philippians 4:19

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ. 

Many of you may know of the challenges our family has been going through the last 6ish weeks, but I will recap for those of you who may not.

After much prayer and consideration we made the decision to take a pause with GB Directional Services.  There were many factors considered, but the financial stress it was causing our family was the biggest contributing factor.  Jeremiahs love for his business, his employees, and his passion for the work he was doing has not changed.

This was a HUGE hit on our family, as we were NOT prepared financially to be without an income.  The relief for Jeremiah after making the decision was immediate though.  He became the solid rock for our family, the prayer warrior that we needed to get us through.  All the anxieties going through my mind…  How will we pay our bills?  How will we feed our kids?  How will we put gas in the car?  How will we pay for school needs, medicine, supplements?  ALL of the money wars began in my head.  My rock of a husband would reply….  “God will provide”

During these first few days, we were reliant on the prayerful advice of many of our church family.  One of our brothers in Christ mentioned how his wife and himself kept a prayer/praise notebook. They would write their prayers but the most treasured writings were the follow up praises.  Jeremiah and I bought two separate notebooks so that we could write our prayers and the resulting answers, and our prayer time together immediately became more prevalent.

Both Jeremiah and I were now in the market for a new job.  It was easy for me to put in 20 applications for various employment opportunities in my area, but it was a bit more challenging for Jeremiah.  We had a lot of prayer, we needed wisdom and guidance in deciding what the right answer for Jeremiah would be.  There were several opportunities we needed to look into to know which direction to turn.  During these first few weeks we approached each new opportunity with an open mind and and open heart, ready to let God guide our decisions.  Each door was mercifully closed with each new opportunity.  Does Jeremiah look for work?  Does he work on trying to reestablish the business but going back to the basics?  ( 1 crew, 1 drill, and only drilling) While my anxieties are still very present, I want to share with you the amazing blessings we have since received.

2 days into our new challenge, we were blessed with a delivery of more groceries than I can add up.  Our last GB directional paycheck had been depleted because of expenses that would normally be covered with the business, we had not been grocery shopping for 2 weeks, our normal shopping day had passed because of the lack of funds.  This amazing blessing was going to sustain our family while we worked to figure things out.

Right after the grocery delivery another blessing arrived.  The use of a small Geo Metro car.  The owner of the car knew I was looking for work and that I would be driving a distance to work when I found a job.  He knew that I drive a big GMC Yukon XL, a gas guzzler.  The blessing of this car will save our family so much on gas money! There are so many trips that are made by myself or with just one or two kids, we can use the small gas efficient car instead of the big gas hog!

James 1:17 

Every good gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.  

All of this happened right before Christmas.  We had prepared and had most of the gifts purchased for outside of our immediate family already, but we had not for our kids yet.  Without work or invoices coming in we would not have the regular means to purchase any Christmas gifts for our kids.  I know that I get caught up in the worldliness of Christmas with gifts, when that isn’t the reason or the meaning of Christmas…. but….  In my flesh I was devastated.  Have you ever taken the quiz to determine your love language?  Well, mine is gifts.  My heart hurt.  We had a conversation with our children to let them know what to expect this year, and I couldn’t be prouder of the response they all gave.  Another astounding blessing, the love and grace from our kids during this time.

Our families have been such a tremendous help, blessing us even more.  Gifting us money, borrowing us money, gifting us food….. the list goes on and on.  EVERYONE of our family has been so supportive and encouraging during this time…  I would never expect less from any of them, but it is still so very humbling when on the receiving end of these gifts.

Have you ever thought or said out loud that social media and the internet are a blessings?  Well, we were able to sell many household items that we no longer needed, and this allowed us to be able to purchase some gifts for the kids, and everything was loved and appreciated.  We celebrated Christmas by eating birthday cake and honoring Jesus, it was a very sweet family time.

We brought in the new year without any clear indication of what we are being called to do.  We have a full understanding of providing for our family, and again Jeremiah is a lot better on relying on Gods provision than I am.  I have over 20 applications in for jobs, and not jobs that require high levels of education or degrees, jobs like McDonald’s and Dollar General.  I have had ONE interview…. that is it.  No other calls at all.  This has left me feeling completely defeated.  Why am I not good enough for even McDonalds?  During these weeks Jeremiah has been talking with a few different companies about work and also about our equipment.  He has been very busy with selling off of the equipment for GB Directional.  Some things have been an easy sale and others have proven to be more difficult.  We have been able to continue to sell some personal things through the use of social media, covering other needs for our family.

I feel like now is a perfect time to honor my children and all they have done to help us through these trying times.  For those of you who do not know we have been incredibly blessed with six amazing kids.  Ages 22, 17,16, 10, 8, 6.  When I was doing the mom stress thing about Christmas, my son offered to gift me the money that he had intended on using to buy Christmas gifts… offering to not give gifts so that I could.  My mama heart swelled with joy, and it was clear in that moment that he was meant to use that money to get the gifts from him..  My three little girls came to us the same day we told them we were out of work and that money was going to be tight for a while to ask us how to use Ebay.  After further discussion we learned that they wanted to list all of their Barbie things on Ebay to earn money for our family.  **insert tears here** My oldest daughter has put gas in our vehicle a few different times through this, and both teenage girls have been buying all of their own personal hygiene items, and picking up a few groceries here and there… ALL of this with grace and respect.  There are plenty more instances, but you get the picture.

Isaiah 41:10 

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am you God.  I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. 

I can read this particular scripture over and over again.  I can wake up every morning with every intention of not fearing…  Handing my anxiety to the Lord.  Some days I am successful…  for a hot second, and then I take it all right back and let it weigh on me instead of on Him.  In my flesh I am not able to consciously give these things over to Him.  I have no will power on my own to be patient and wait on Him… But you know what is so humbling?  God still loves me, He still provides for me, He does not leave my side.

On Thursday last week Jeremiah had an interview with a company that offered him a job doing exactly what he has always done.  This job is more than we prayed for, more than we asked for.  God is taking care of us. This job is so amazing that it is still going to allow me to still stay home with my kids as a SAHM.  God knew why I wasn’t getting calls back on any application that I submitted.  My anger and disappointment was all unnecessary.    You know what else he is doing?  He is opening the door to possibility of GB Directional still operating.  After much prayer we have realized that for GB Directional to be successful we need to bring it back to the basics…  back to the beginning…..  when we were faithfully honoring God and the blessings He provided with every paid invoice.   Jeremiah has the potential to help this new company grow in the underground world, while GB may have the potential to live on.


We have not had a paycheck for almost 6 weeks now, and we have managed…  The Lord has now provided employment and a paycheck to follow in 2 weeks.  But, we have still been accruing bills that will need to be paid in February.  We live in Minnesota, and if you don’t know, it is quite frigid during the winter months.  We heat our home with a natural gas furnace.  We also have a wood burning stove that can be used to heat.  We started this fall with what we thought was a good amount of firewood, but quickly realized after the unseasonably cold fall that we would need more.  The whole month of December we were on natural gas heat only.  This last weekend the blessings poured in!  A very close church family offered us the opportunity to come and cut oak off of their fields….  An amazing hard wood that will burn hot and long.  Saturday was going to be an unseasonably warm day with temperatures at about 25 degrees for most of the day, giving us a perfect day for cutting, loading, and hauling.  We have the truck, chainsaw, and kids to help.  We talked about the day ahead of us while visiting with another family on Friday night and without missing a beat they offered themselves and kids to come and help!  Saturday morning while visiting my sister both my niece and nephew were on board to come and help too! THREE families without one question rallied together to help us with firewood to heat our home!

The purpose of this post today is two fold.  While I wanted to update many on our family what I really wanted to point out is the many blessings that come from having a relationship with the Lord.  Even when I choose to be disobedient, my God is so good that he still pours the blessings on.  I have to ask myself why it takes discomfort in my life before I give praise?  Why is it that I seemingly only see these tremendous blessings when I am in a “crisis”.  The blessings are ever present and surround us every single day, regardless of our personal struggles or challenges.  I am going to challenge you today to offer up praises for your blessings… EVERY… SINGLE… DAY…

I recently finished reading Laura Story’s book called “When God Doesn’t Fix It”  if you need encouragement through your time of crisis, no matter how huge or how small it may be perceived as, I strongly recommend this book.  Even listening to her song “Blessings” is a big lift!

Galations 6:9 

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.  Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.  

Now, I have a prayer request, I am calling out to all to gather around and rally this specific need to the Lord fervently.

GB Directional has been an amazing financial support for 7:10 Foundation.  We have always looked at GB Directional as our own “tent making” business.  If you didn’t know, the apostle Paul was able to financially back a lot of his mission work through his tent making business.  I believe that what the business has been able to provide has been biblical and an amazing blessing.  Now, I believe that the challenges with the business are a way for us to plead to others to learn more about what the ministry is with 7:10 Foundation, why it is important in the kingdom of God, and how others can be involved.  We need help in covering our paid staff in Haiti.  We pay a salary each month of $750.00.  Our ministry is Haitian lead and ran, and without our staff, there would not be 7:10 Foundation.  We have a shortfall in financial commitments totaling $500 a month for salary.  We are praying for this need to be met, and we are hoping you can pray for this amount specifically.  We are praying for the opportunities to present to churches, groups, organizations will be made available to our American 7:10 volunteers…  sharing about our ministry and rallying partners to join us in our mission.  We are praying specifically for a grant writer, someone to own the research and commit to the very time consuming process of grant writing.  Can you partner with us today in prayer?  Please feel free to message me or comment on this post if you have questions or suggestions!