The most powerful weapon in the universe!

Lets just start with, Jeremiah is posting this so there will be grammar mistakes! As my beautiful wife is in Haiti again, I get a lot of time, after the little kids go to bed , to talk to my lovely teenage daughters. and then a lot of time by myself, and God.  As Tanja and I text and instant message, (yes I can instant message, you can teach red necks new things) she is struggling with many things. and the mission that she is at, is getting attacked by satan . wait a second spell check just wanted me to capitalize that name, ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  Anyway, 7:10 is being attacked, missionary’s are being attacked, my family. So while talking to her, it hit me, why are people that have the Holy Spirit in them not using the most powerful weapon in the universe . the name of Jesus Christ!   Peter , healed in the name of Jesus. was he saved with more grace than us? Did any of the Apostles call out to a greater name than we do? when people get saved in today’s age are there different levels of saved? No. so why then does it seem like a large part of the Church doesn’t use the name of Christ Jesus, to tell satan to get behind them, and he will flea? Now don’t  be stupid and go stand in front of  a train and try and use his name to get it to stop. my point is, we the church, Who serve the only true and one living God, who have being saved by grace and are filled with the Holy Spirit and have  the greatest name in the universe, the name of Jesus the Christ ,not use it more? we need to use his name for praise, for one another ,when we are sick, for protection, ect. And the want to be god, and his worthless army CAN NOT win against the name of Jesus Christ. Thanks for reading, and in the words of a brother in Christ and friend, rest in the Lord, brothers and sisters, rest in the Lord!


What a whirl wind of a summer it has been thus far.  I simply cannot believe that we are already into August.  It seems like just last weekend we started going to spring graduation open houses.  It was just yesterday that I was telling you all about our last trip to Haiti in June, wasn’t it? Now I am preparing to leave again for another week on August 19th.  I will be accompanying Jessanne,  one of my favorite (I have several 😉 ) 2015 graduates, so that she can start her three month internship with Children’s Lifeline.


This is the friendly fellow that tried to share my lunch, he was to quick for me, so I missed the photo op when he was still on my plate. I think Ronald thought I was as crazy as they come.

Sometimes I am still in awe of what the Lord has done in my life.  How my priorities have changed, and how living for Jesus is really a spectacular journey.  If you knew me as a teen and a young adult you would have laughed at the idea of Tanja using a squatty potty.  That person was much to vain to spend her time or money in a third world country.  Did I tell you that in June I was at lunch with our Haitian staff at a supermarket type deli, and while I was eating a friendly cockroach scurried across my plate?  Ya, that happened.  Now, what would you guess I would do……  Scream?  Throw my food away?  Jump?  Nope, I took a picture and continued to eat my lunch.

We have been traveling to Haiti for 2.5 years now, and crazy how even our priorities have changed in Haiti.  Each of us has grown closer to the Lord and He has given us the knowledge that we need to do things better than the way we started.  Helping the Haitian people and their physical needs all while teaching and helping to grow their spiritual needs.  This can only be done through Jesus.

wall foundation

This is a photo of the foundation for the wall. Ernso is posing with his bicycle.

When we hand our trials over, He always provides.  Everything I have viewed as an imposible venture, has proven to be possible.  The purchase of the property….  the hiring of employees….  the fence…  and now the foundation for the wall.  The wall will be 286 feet long and 8 feet high.  This means we will need about 3000 blocks to finish the wall on the front side of the property.  Each block costs .50 cents, so it is about a $1500.00 project.  We are of course still raising money for our first home on the widowage and the home that borders our property.  We are still praying that we will be able to do the earthbag homes and that the cost of these homes will remain around $2700.00 each.  I know that all these things are possible, because He takes care of every need that we have had.  He does this through all of you! Your fervent prayers have been so very helpful.  Philippians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Thank you to all who support us through prayer and financially.  We are confident our needs will be met.

Please keep my family in your prayers as we leave this Saturday for a trip to visit close friends in Tennessee and in Kentucky.  We will be driving our motor home and will be gone for 10 days.  When we return I will fly out for Haiti the next day!  Pray for safety and patience….  We have the opportunity while in Tennessee to meet with a foundation called Kore foundation in Nashville and we hope that this will open some new doors towards self sustainability in our little community in La Digue.  We also have the opportunity as a family to present 7:10 Foundation to a small church in Kentucky…  Both of these things are such a blessing for us.

I hope to update you while I am in Haiti again, but that is of course dependent on access to internet.  Your prayers are appreciated!