June Trip

So many things planned for this upcoming trip in June.  All of which I pray will spread the gospel news, while helping our dear friends in Haiti become more self sufficient.  My biggest fear is that of the American economy collapsing, and us not able to support our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  Our mission is to help stabilize this with the Good News, and also the education of supporting themselves.  In Haiti, this means being able to feed yourself and your family, send your children to school, and some how have a safe roof over your head.

This trip we have things planned to disciple to the teens of the village of La Digue.  We are hopeful we will be able to provide a Haitian Creole bible for each teen girl we will be studying with.  (25-30 is our goal) We are hoping to put together something fun and something practical for the girls too.  Nail polish, hair accessories, feminine hygiene pads, soaps……

We will also be visiting with the widows at the compound when they come for their weekly meeting.  This is such an inspiring time for me, and these women helped to change my heart over 2 years ago.  We have in the past been able to gift them the gospel of John, soaps for their bodies, handmade washcloths, soaps for clothes and dishes….  We will put together a bag for them again this trip too….  soaps and washcloths again for sure..

We will also take a day trip to Real Hope For Haiti, and while there we will deliver supplies, medicine, and birthing kits.  The team we are joining from KY is bringing a doctor along on this trip, and he may have the opportunity to help out in the clinic that day.

Sherry (my mother in law) and I have one major goal that we hope to accomplish this trip, and that is to build some key hole gardens.

keyhole garden a keyhole garden b keyhole garden c keyhole garden d keyhole garden e

Visit Key Hole Garden plans HERE

We would love to start with the first garden at the home of our employee Talloway (from the family in the woods)  We would put this garden together at his home, with his help, learning how to build it and maintain it.  We hope to put a second garden at the home of another family in need, with Talloway present again so that he will have all the skills he needs to build these gardens.  This way when we leave, he can help other families to build their own key hole gardens.  The materials are easy to find and save until you have enough to build a garden, with the only expense being in the plants.  Our prayer is that these families will then help their neighbor to build one and so on……..  Eventually having plants to share with the family that you are helping to build their own key hole garden.

7:10 will need to purchase the materials to put these first gardens together.  We have estimated the cost to be about $52.00 per garden. This would buy manure, black dirt, cinder blocks, and chicken wire.   Would you be willing to sponsor a garden, or part of a garden?

You can sponsor any of our upcoming projects, or partner in our Raising Hope Building Homes campaign by visiting our website, or mailing a check.  Please note in on the donation what project you are sponsoring.

You can donate on our website or you can mail a check to: 7:10 Foundation

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Blessings to you and yours,





This is a photo of the sunset taken from the cross at Children’s Lifeline

We all need a little sunshine once in a while.  When you can look to the sky and see the beautiful creation that we have been given the chance to enjoy and soak in, while including Jesus in those thoughts it is even better.

I have been failing miserably lately in reading my bible, and studying.  This last month has been a whirlwind of adjustments and chaos.  The addition of a family member bringing our household number to 9, but with a full time care giver most days there is 10.  (Thank you Sherry for all you are doing) Trips to southern Minnesota with and without kids, which when it is without then child care is needed…… Surgery, yes I had surgery in April also.  Graduation…  Yikes, have I mentioned that I have one graduating this year?  Along with that comes all of the graduation celebrations for the teens that we have grown to love as our own over the last 8 years.  And on top of that, gearing up for a team trip to Haiti in WHAT!  just one month from today.  The most logical thing to do when one is going through busy times, with several emotions (good and bad) is to turn to the Lord.  Please pray that I will make the time to get with the Lord daily.

cam senior pic

This is my graduate, Cameron


One of the personal struggles that I am having is parenting.  Trying to balance what I know that the Lord is calling me to do, and a teen that doesn’t buy it has been very trying as of late.  I know that satan is using this strife to distract me, and sadly it is working.  This is another personal prayer request, and I know that prayer warriors will help me through this.  There are words, from a very dear pastor that I have had the pleasure of spending time with in Haiti that keep echoing in my head “Rest in the Lord” I hear the words, but then I don’t stop and take the time to actually do it.

rest in the Lord

Thank you Pastor Eric!

I have many prayers for the foundation.  And I am humbled every day when they are answered.  We have been gifted so many things in the last few months.  A group from AT&T that knits and crochets for non-profit groups has sent us many baby hats and wash cloths.  Individuals challenging themselves over Lent to knit/crochet, and some that send us dresses.  We have one partner that never fails to send a box in the mail full of things needed for Haiti (birthing kits, undergarments, medicines)  right when I am having a personal struggle.  I don’t think we can ever thank these people enough for what they have done for our foundation and in turn the people of Haiti.  We have several financial partners that faithfully send us donations from their heart when ever they can, and without this financial support we would not be able to accomplish much on the ground in Haiti.

Gifts for Haiti

Gifts from all over the country that will go to Haiti in June….


My current prayers have been for partners that are gifted in research or would like to be part of 7:10 on the administrative side.  I find myself overwhelmed with google.  I am praying for someone that would have the time and the heart to commit to marketing and fundraising for 7:10 Foundation.  I know that there are grants out there for non-profits doing work internationally, and what a blessing it would be to learn about and apply for some of these grants.  We are working hard at raising enough money to finish the fencing around our property in Haiti so we can start with the gardening and home building.  We are looking for groups that would be willing to fund, travel, and help us out with the building process.  Could you please join me in praying for these things?  I am also not opposed to any suggestions that you may have, but please remember that I am pretty technology illiterate 🙂

Our current financial needs are $3450.00 to finish the fencing around the property, and $322.00 for next months salary for our workers.  When this is accomplished we will be able to begin planting, which will get us one step closer to helping this little community we are praying to establish to self sustainability.  Can you prayerfully consider helping out with these needs, even if it is just by the act of prayer itself?


This is a home that sits on the edge of 7:10’s property


Thank you!