Sorry I didn’t get anything posted last night.  I was ready for sleep by 7:30.  It was a very good night of sleep for me, we woke up to our first rain at about midnight.  Boy did it rain.  

Yesterday morning at the rock, Sarah did devotions for us.  What a great teacher.  Sarah has many gifts.  She talked about the Holy Trinity.  She told of a way that it was explained to her when she was young, so that she could understand how one could be three.  The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.  Water.  The analogy is wonderful.  Water has three states just like God has three states, yet it is just water.  Water in it’s liquid form, water in the form of ice, and water in the form of vapor or steam.  She shared some scripture about the three with 1st John 5:4 fand Ephesians 4:4-6.  

Devotions went a little longer yesterday morning, the three old ladys as we were affectionatly called by the teens had some emotions lingering that needed to be released.  This team fits so nicely together.  Having the opportunity to get to know some great people that are infected with the Holy Spirit has been so uplifting and emotional.  

Today we started our work at Pastor Louissants.  You can go back on my personal facebook page and see this orphanage in December of 2012.  Holes in the church/school room, sticks and a tattered tarp for a kitchen, and all of the children sleeping in one room.  Some things have changed since my very first trip there, but the children have not.  There have been some dorm rooms built and beds with mattresses and sheets donated, and a storage room is being built now.  As soon as we arrived the children started coming right in and sitting down.  The older children minding the younger children.  We were looking for a nanny or pastor Louissant so that we could have an adult tell Sarah any medical issues each child may be having, but no one was there.  The oldest child was 13.  My oldest daughter is 13, and she will babysit my younger children, she is mature enough to handle the 3 littles running around my house.  I would not however leave her minding 21 other children, alone.  Soon after Sarah and Jan started checkups an adult did show up, but he wasn’t a staffed employee.  He was able to tell us enough about the children.  Sarah saw a lot of ear infections again.  Every child got a worm pill and a vitamin.  A lot of children were given antibiotics with instructions for their infections.  The man that showed up was holding all of the pills and instructions, and we need to pray and pray dillegently that the right thing will be done with these meds.  Pray that they are not sold and that each child may be cured of their ailments.  We have gone to this particular orphanage every time I have been here (5 times) and each time the teams have brought things for these chidlren.  I look for the toys and bags and things we have gifted the children in the past and have yet to see anything from past trips.  

I was there only a few minutes when one of the older girls came in with Osinel.  Do you remember Osinel?  During my last trip to this orphanage I met Osinel.  He was limp and could not hold his head up.  I picked him up and he snuggled right in and my heart broke.  Micah and Robenson were able to get this child to the clinic and he was ill, hungry, and dehydrated.  After I got home Osmy sent photos of this child doing better and holding his head up.  I was excited to see him yesterday, and when he saw me he held his arms out for me.  He once again snuggled right in.  It is hard to tell how old he is, the girls told me 2, but I could only see 4 teeth.  He is older than 1, because when other children would try and hold my hand or play with me he would yell and push/hit them away.  He could open the bag that he was given and choose what he wanted out of the bag.  I can tell that there is something wrong with his legs, they are much smaller and weaker than the rest of his body.  He will not stand on his own and he can not walk yet.  Sarah did find ear infection in one ear and treated him for that.  His shirt was burned and 6 sizes to big.  We brought him back to the mission and gave him lunch and new clothes before we brought him back to the place that he calls home.  Please pray for this baby.  Please pray for me, this is one child that I have had an emotional connection to, that I have not had with anyone else.  

I will post photos when I return home, but know that the kids at Louissants are not clean, they do not have clothes that fit or that are washed.  They are dirty, and unkempt.  Their eyes are sunken and lost, smiles are hard to get.  There is not a safe place for them to play without the threat of injury, cuts or falls.  When you leave Louissants your heart aches.  

After lunch, and dropping off Osinel we headed to another orphanage.  This orphanage is run by Joe and his father and it is called Cobba.  The children were there to greet us with smiles and hugs and welcomed us by performing two songs for us.  Emily told them the Christmas story with the help of Joe to translate for us and the children were given gifts.  They laughed and played and smiled.  Joe sent Wadsen up into a coconut tree to chop down some coconuts and we were blessed with the gift of coconut water to drink and the flesh to eat.  These children are loved, know Jesus, and their eyes are full of light.  It was important for everyone to see that along with the bad, there is good.  Not every orphanage is hopeless and full with ill children.  It was refreshing to see and play with thee children.  

Today we will go to church here at the mission and travel to Port-au-Prince.  We will visit the museum and then stop at the mass grave in Titanyen on our way back.  Sarah has 10 goats here at the mission that are ready to bless some families so maybe we will have the opportunity to see some of them delivered.  

Everyone is feeling well today, and this is because of the healing power of our Lord, and the prayers from you asking for our health.  Thank you and blessings to you all.   


Well we are bringing Friday night to a close.  Time goes so fast, it never seems like there is enough hours in the day.  It is dark here by 5:30, and so that means we are pretty restricted to the compound after that.  

This morning started beautiful at 6 am.  I was able to start the coffee this morning without the malfunction from the day before, which was a plus.  Breakfast and up to the rock for devotions at 7:30.  Today Jan lead us in devotions.  She read from a daily devotional book called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  The entire devotional fit exactly into our day.  One statement stood out.  

“Because the world is in an abnormal, fallen condition, people tend to think that chance governs the universe. ”  

The devotion was meant for us all to hear today. We define abnormal as different.  We are in a very abnormal place, with abnormal circumstances, and abnormal conditions.  We wonder how this can happen, and why. The purpose of this particular devotional is to remind us that He is ALWAYS with us in EVERYTHING we do.  But not just us, he is with everyone, everywhere, even in Haiti.  Chance?  He is wonderfully caring for us and the devotional reminds us that we must “live by faith, not by sight”  When we get past what we “see” we can feel the true beauty of the country and it’s people .  Some scripture references for you; Romans 8:28,1 Peter 5:7, and 2 Corinthians 5:7. 

We once again stepped out of our comfort zone, heading to a school not to far from the mission.  Sarah, Jan, and Donna had prepared the suitcases the night before to set up a makeshift clinic, triage area.  We walked to the school that also had a church.  We set up in the chapel ready to see the sick children at the school.  There were over 200 children in this tiny area in pre-school through 6th grade.  Sarah sat with our translator and listened and looked at children that were not feeling well, while Zoe took their temperatures.  Jan and Donna worked to keep Sarah in fresh supplies, while the other girls counted and bagged up meds.  I hate to distract and talk about me, but for those of you that know me well, you need to hear this!  Sarah set me up with the task of cleaning wounds and open sores.  She was well prepared with scrubbies in sealed packages that were pre soaped (like the ones we used at the NICU to scrub before we could go in and see Elaina) We had water, and yes, gloves.  Sores on arms, legs, knees, earlobes…. and then….. FEET.  Yes, I washed infected feet.  And yes, I have photos.  Ok, back to the rest of the team.  Jan and Donna would treat and dress the wounds and Kendall was learning with Sarah.  What a blessing to have such a kind hearted loving nurse to mentor Kendall.  Sarah was seeing all of the children, speaking and treating through a translator, and yet she was patient and teaching all of us.  Showing Kendall what a good ear verses an infected ear looked like, and how pneumonia sounds..  When we were nearing the end of the day she let more of us look at infected ears and hear infected lungs.  Think about your child with a double ear infection?  Where are they?  What are they doing?  Not one of these children with illnesses was crying, whining, or sleeping.  They were at school.  And what a blessing that they were there today to get the medication that they needed to clear up infections.  Emily and I got to see the children that our family sponsors at this school today, and that was such a fantastic thing to see.  Happy, healthy, and learning.  It was such a surprise, we did not know that this was where they were going to school.  This school is only through 6th grade, so the students were done at 12:30.  We packed up and walked back to the mission for some lunch.  After lunch we headed up to the dam that is up in the village a ways, and on the way back brought back two children that had wounds that needed to be cleaned up and treated.  

Supper was fantastic again of course, and after dinner the boys were playing soccer so we watched that for a while.   Some of the boys have changed a lot, and are making me a little sad, but that is another post.  Jason and Jennifer have been working hard to get renovations completed in the upper house and were working on putting beds together today.  The house looks beautiful.  

I am anxious to share photos, and I may go back and ad them to these posts when I get home so they match, but I don’t want to use to much internet, there are more teams coming that will want to use it 🙂  I will try to post one on FB later though.  

Everyone is healthy.  We had a little bit of dehydration heat overload today, but after some squencher and a nap we are back to par.  Please keep the team in your prayers.  If you could please also pray for the boys that have been “regulars” at the mission.  Some of them have been misbehaving and displaying some pretty distasteful behavior.  We need to pray for The Lord to waken their hearts and guide their steps.  Tomorrow we will visit two orphanages and the basket lady.  

Love to all! 


Roosters Lay Eggs…..

We are closing our first full day with some pretty ambitious teens and some warried adults.  I can not speak for all  of the adults, but I am beat.  

All of our flights went very well, and on time.  All 30 of our checked bags made it to the airport.  We have been blessed with every step .  We got to the mission about 5 pm, Haitian time, and a delicious Haitian meal was prepared for us.  Haitian spaghetti, sweet bread, fried bread fruit, fresh fruit and my favorite PIKLIZ!!!!   mmmmmm   We seperated and sorted out some suitcases and got settled in.  

Today we met at the Rock for devotions before we ventured out for the day.  This was something that we did during our first visit to Haiti through LIfeline, and it wasn’t carried through on our following trips.  This morning it was very clear how very important this is.  Jeremiah did our first devotion on James 1:1-27 Every one of these verses is wonderful, but verse 19 is what spoke to me.  19 My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.  And of course verse 27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep one self from being polluted by the world.  He closed by having us read Ephesians 6:10-19, and this is something we should all do every day, put on the armor of God.  

Kendall graciously prepared lunch for all of us, and we were off on our ride to Real Hope For Haiti.  This is a very emotional trip, no matter if you have been there one time or twenty.  Real Hope For Haiti takes the worst of the worst when it comes to malnourished children.  There were more babies than we could hold, and as soon as we loved on one, and set that one down, they would cry and cry.  RHFH is doing such an amazing job at everything that they do, and are blessed every day.  Sarah and Kendall helped in the clinic, working with the nurse to see patients in their emergency room.  We had lunch and visited with the American that is teaching their and helped squish some medika mamba.  We left their shortly after 2 for our bumpy curvy ride back to the mission.  *****side note*****Sarah did NOT puke!!!  Not on the plane nor on the incredibly bumpy ride to and from RHFH****** Please visit to learn more about what RHFH does, and read the blog postings.  

We toured the mission for those that have not been here before, and saw some new things for those of us who have.  We visited Helens classroom and she showed us the exam she will be giving her 4 year olds.  Afterwards we had fried chicken and mashed potatoes (AND MORE PIKLIZ).  We went up to the cross and found a scorpion (Thank you Cole, thankfully it was dead) and then gathered for an evening de brief before cleanining up for bed.  

There have been soooo many changes in the short time its been since I was here last and everything has been wonderful.  Tomorrow morning will begin with breakfast and then devotionals again at 7:30… please continue to pray for our team.  Pray for peace of mind, discernment, and comfort while they try to rest tonight.  

Blessings to you all


Ha.  I bet you are all wondering why this post is titled the way that it is.  It is of popular belief down here that when a bantee chicken or a very young chicken laying one of its very first (very small eggs) that those eggs must come from the roosters.  This story was a great ending to our end of the day de brief, that and the fact that the goofy teens decided to taste mud cookies… BLECH.