Madam Datilus is Moved In!




Madam Datilus with her three girls. The two boys were gone the day that we visited.


One of the most exciting parts of this trip, for me, was visiting the home of my dear sister in Christ, Madam Datilus.  When I met Madam Datilus just over a year ago she was homeless.  Tho she is still a single mother with 5 children, The Lord has blessed her with a home of her very own.

Before our visit we were trying to decide the best gift to give to her and her family.  Should we buy supplies for gardening?  Should we build a greenhouse?   A long day in Port-Au-Prince (with before mentioned break down) and no gardening or green house supplies.  The advice of a very respected friend, and a Haitian himself, suggested that we should use the money to buy Madam Datilus goats.  Female goats, because they will find a way to bring home baby goats.  We decided on 3 female goats, 2 pregnant, and one a bit younger.  That Saturday was a very eventful trip to the market to purchase these goats…


Normal day at the market…..


I missed the photo op of the cow on the Moto, but here is a cow about the same size that is being brought out of a tap tap. Before the cow was escorted out some goats were removed from both the top and inside of the tap tap….










Here is a mad cow now out of the tap tap. The kid that was leading him kept standing by his back legs, and swatting him. I was sure we were going to have a kid with a kick to the head, but prayers were answered and the kid was protected.

Sherry opted out of the trip to RHFH so she could be along to help choose goats.  She was the obvious choice out of all of us, because she had the most goat experience, having raised them herself.  Kendall and Emily also came along, just to have a market experience.  We rode in the back of the cantor truck with Daniel (our translator/protector) our driver, and No-No, the Haitian goat expert from Lifeline.  When we arrived at the market, Daniel reminded us that it was not a good idea for us to leave the truck, and to let No-No handle the purchase of the goats.  Because we were white, the cost of the goats would have been significantly more.  We all knew this, but none of us thought about it before we left.  While they goat shopped, we people watched.  It was a great experience for us all.


3 female goats. 2 are expecting and 1 is not. Great success at the market.


Me with the first 2 goats….










The goats hung out tied to trees in the shade at the mission for a couple of days before we had a chance to deliver them to Madam Datilus.  We were all excited to bring her these gifts, with prayers that she will be able to supplement her income enough that she may not have to wear her fingers to the bone so much washing clothes.  We also brought her a suitcase with clothes for her and her family, a solar light bulb, some canned food, dish soap and laundry soap, and a new wash bin. The biggest blessing was the ability to purchase a full size bed for the family.  Now everyone should have a place to sleep!  The Lord kept on providing for the needs of this family.


Mrs. A and Em leading goats to Madam Datilus




One of my personal projects was saving enough money to be able to purchase a bed for Madam Datilus. I was so blessed with out poring of love that I was able to bring enough for not one but 2 beds! Madam Datilus was blessed with one and the Joseph family with the other. God is so Great!


Teli-homme carrying the wash bin




The home was beautiful and clean.  You can tell that she is so thankful to have a place to call her own.  We took pictures both inside and out.  She has plenty of yard space to raise her goats, and enough room for a garden eventually.  Sherry has been doing a lot of research on Keyhole gardening, and we hope that we can do that project on a future visit.  One of the needs that we only learned about on this visit, is that the family has no place to go to the bathroom.  They are in need of some kind of a latrine, and I was told that one can be constructed for about $250.00… So, here is yet another opportunity for you to be involved in our ongoing projects in Haiti.  Please pray that this need can be met, so that the family has some privacy and sanitation while going to the bathroom.  If this need is one that touches your heart, please note on your donation that it is for a latrine for Mdm. Datilus.


This photo shows the back yard, She cooks back here right now, but there is plenty of room for a latrine and a keyhole garden.




Osmy, a director at lifeline was able to provide her family with a table when they moved into the new home. This is a photo of the table and the wash bin and soap


The table is situated to the left of this photo, there are two doors into the home….


along side of the house.


suitcases full of blessings…. you can see in the back ground that the family did have one mattress, single sized….




New mattress, there is a box spring also, the mission was going to send cement blocks to set the bed on so that it was up off of the floor…


Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

Hebrews 13:2 


Madam Datilus invited us right in, and was very happy to see us.  We were able to pray together as a team, and fellowship for a while through the use of Jean Phillipe, our translator.

Stay tuned….  we were really on a role this trip, and have other families in need to tell you about. 🙂

Again, I want to mention that we are in search of committed partners with 7:10 Foundation.  We would love to have your prayer commitments, as well as your financial support.  Please consider a monthly recurring donation of just $10.  With 100 people committed to just $10 the foundation would be able to provide housing for 2.5 families a year.

Thank you for your continued support.  We love each of you.




Family in the Woods

During this trip to Haiti, we were incredibly blessed to share part of it with the founder, Arnold Lemke, and the Chairman of the Board, John Morrison.  What a great learning experience to be with the man who started Lifeline, and has many years of experience.  He was more than willing to give advice to the brand new founder of 7:10.  I hope that I can see so many blessings and have the stories to share when I am 87 years old.

During the trip John and Arnold met with Pastor Odmy, the pastor of the church on Lifelines grounds. John and Arnold visited Pastor Odmy’s home, and then pastor brought them to a neighboring family that he was concerned about.


The location of the home is prime. Secluded. This is the path from the road to the home.


Laura and Robenson standing in the clearing of Pastor Odmy’s neigbors home.













house in the woods7

This is what the family of 5 calls home….

The above picture shows how the family of 5 is living.  Sticks and very holy tarp for a roof.  Cardboard on the ground for the children to sleep on.  Mom and dad had a twin size bed to sleep on.  Upon further investigation it was learned that this twin size bed, had no mattress and they were sleeping on the frame.  When it rains, there is no protection from the mud that the floor of the home becomes, and the children are now sleeping in the mud.  Arnold and John were incredibly touched by the needs of this family, and shared the story with the team that evening.  They had committed to getting two mattresses and pallets to place one of them on so that they were at least off of the ground, but that was all they could offer at the time.  Daddy travels to Port-au-Prince to try and find work, and Mama stays home to care with the children.

house in the woods6

Mama and children……

Now, I am going to back up a bit to lay out a couple of sequences of events that took place before this… totally a God thing 🙂

Mike and Laura had received donations that they brought down with the intentions of building greenhouses for orphanages or even a family in the village.  When the team went into Port-au-Prince to purchase the supplies for greenhouses, nothing was falling into place.  It was decided that they would build a chicken coop and buy chickens for an orphanage, and this did not cost near what was budgeted for the greenhouses.  Jill was also blessed with enough donations for her trip that she had some money set aside for a need as it arose.  I had brought money for Madam Datilus’ girls to visit a doctor. (this will be the subject of another blog ;-))   I was basing the amount of a doctor visit off of an american checkup, and for the the two girls to be seen it was only 75$.  This left me with some cash that was not already dedicated.  John and Arnold were on the last day of their visit, but they cleaned out their wallets too.

Can you even begin to believe that the team was able to pool together SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!  Now, what can we do with this money that will help this family?  We knew that they would be candidates for a new house, and we would be working on raising the $5000 needed as soon as we returned home to the states. But…. in the meantime, what can we do?  There were many ideas tossed around and Sherry stayed up all night to research and draft a temporary pvc hoop house.  We were sure that we could get the supplies needed to build this in the time we had left of our trip.  That very morning (Sunday) we talked to Osmy (Haitian project manager) about our plans and the money that we had pooled together.  He wasn’t really on board with the hoop house, because he would like to see something more permanent.  We gave the money to Osmy and told him to do whatever he could do to get this family protected from the elements.


This is daddy…. on Monay afternoon. The support holes have been dug, and lumber is being placed.


Dad is proud to be part of the construction crew building his new home.













As soon as the family heard that this was going to happen, they took down the structure they had been staying in, to make room for the new one, building a temporary shelter to stay in while construction was in progress.

IMG_3206 IMG_3205 IMG_3204


IMG_3208 IMG_3202 IMG_3200


house in the woods3 house in the woods5

Lumber, labor and tin.  Now we need to work on walls.  We are asking for donations to reach our $2500 goal to get walls put on this house.  They will be using tarps temporarily.

photo 1

Lovelie St Jaques

photo 2

Wisnel St. Jaques


Romain St. Jaques


Please keep this family in your prayers.  And praise the Lord for what He has already been able to provide.  7:10 Foundation would not be as successful as it is without the commitment to prayer and financial support from people such as yourself.  We appreciate all that you do.  If you are interested in helping this family out, please click on the “Donate to 7:10 Foundation” above.  Please leave a note in the special instructions as to what you would like your donation to go for.  We are also looking for committed partners to provide monthly support.  With 100 supporters committed to just $10 a month, we could bless 2.5 families with new homes.  There is a box to click next to your donation amount if you wish to make it a monthly recurring payment.  Please also note what you would like your donation to go towards.

Blessings to you and yours,


Proverbs 24:3-4

Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches.

Guest Blogger

Todays update was penned by Pamela Allebach


The last 5 days have been a whirlwind of activity and sometimes patience . On Friday I shared with the team the verse out of Joshua about the choice we make in choosing a sponsor child. How do you choose? The needs are so great, and yet the overwhelming story of one brought tears to my eyes. I was instantly at peace with who was my choice. (His name is Garey)

Serving in Haiti is a constant reminder of the choices we have- who, what, when, where, why- the needs are great and overwhelming.

I will begin my Sunday school class in the book of Joshua this fall. Choices were also all around the bracelets. God, commands Joshua what to do, Joshua chooses to follow.

**Obedience in crossing the Jordan river (chapter 3)
**Obedience in the conquest of Jericho (chapter 6)

Not all choices bring happiness. While here in Haiti we see over and over the results of poor choices made and the ones that suffer due to those poor choices made and the ones that suffer due to those poor choices; made by husbands and fathers mostly.

In chapter 7 of Joshua, Achan makes a choice of disobedience. This choice results in the stoning of his entire family.

Some things we don’t have a choice in- parents, family, eye color, body type, talents, skills etc.


The greatest choice we make have been given is the choice we have that will impact eternity.

Will you choose Christ as your Savior?

Will you choose to spread his message of salvation?

Will we choose to be his hands and feet?

(photos of Pam and Garey will be uploaded when we get home)

Chickens chickens chickens ……..

Today ends our Saturday here at Children’s Lifeline in Haiti. So much has happened.

Pam, Jillene, Jessanne, Laura, and Mike all went to RHFH this morning. They were bearing suitcases full of supplies for them. Many many birthing kits all the way from Tioga, ND, Baby formula and supplies, lots of onesies and other various things. For Pam and Jillene it was their first trip. I am hoping that I can convince one of them to do a guest blog and tell you their thoughts about the experience. My understanding is that they were there to help with the drying, powdering, and dressing the babes after baths today. Sounds like a great day.

Sherry, Kendall, Emily, and I all went to the market in Arcahaie today. We were on a mission for livestock. We had Nono, the goat man, our driver Gerard, and Daniel our translator. This is an experience that ONLY the photos can do justice for, and as soon as I am with a wi fi connection that can stand the uploading of photos I promise I will share. We were there to buy 3 goats for Madam Datilus, and 10 chickens for one of the orphanages that LIfeline supports. When we got their Daniel exchanged our US dollars into Haitian Gourdes, at the exchange of 40 Gourdes (pronounced goods) for 1 dollar. He explained that we should not go into the market with them to buy the goats because they would want more money because we were white. So we stayed behind at the truck and people watched. A tap tap pulled up and out jumped to men, with hog tied pigs. When they jumped down we could see the big COW that was UP in the tap tap…. On top of the tap tap was a hog tied goat. all coming to market to be sold. Motos were pulling in everywhere with women and children getting off with goats to sell. The craziest thing we saw as two people on a moto with a COW in between them, upside down, head almost touching the ground on one side and legs on the other. WHAT!!!! Even Daniel said he has never seen that before. We were not quick enough to get a photo of that. We were blessed with 3 very healthy female goats. 2 of them are with babies, and one is younger. We were able to get these goats for Madam Datilus as a means of income. She will be able to sell the goats at market. They cost about 50$ a piece. Daniel hog tied the goats and threw them in the back of the canter truck with us.. Kendall and Emily were in love with them right away. Next we had to find chickens, but they were at a different part of the market. We drove a little ways to find the lady selling the chickens, off of her HEAD! Yes, chickens tied together at their feet and in a basket on her HEAD!!! Oh, and there were a couple of ducks in their too. I can not WAIT for you to see the photos. Once we were back at the mission, we were supposed to be building a chicken coop for the above chickens. Yes, you read that right, I said “we”… when I say we, i mean Micah and Kendall and the various boys from the mission. I was there in a supervisory role… I am quite sure it was in everyones benefit that I was not allowed to run the power tools. Kendall jumps right in and wants to learn and run everything, but I would really rather she go home with all of her fingers, so Micah ran the saw. 🙂 It took until dark, and another trip back to the market, but the coop is finished and ready to be delivered to an orphanage. again, photos will follow..
Tonight after dinner we were also able to go up and see the home that has been finished for Daniels family. It is beautiful. It was so incredibly overwhelming to visit. Jillene was kind enough to pray over the home for us, and Mary Christine (Daniels mother) hugged and prayed and thanked us over and over again. We were blessed with donations enough to be able to buy a full sized bed for the family, and delivered that to them tonight as well. Mary Christine was asking me a question, and gesturing wide with her hands, and tall with her arms. I had no clue what she was asking, and called for a translator. Sherry figured it out tho, she wanted to know where Jeremiah was . Jeremiah if you are reading this, she sends her love. 🙂
We have another incredibly sad story to share when we get home about another family with no home, and no food. Sleeping on the ground with no protection from the bugs, rodents, or the elements… Please be praying for this family as we pool together what funds we have left to come up with a temporary fix, and pray for the hearts to be opened at home to be thinking about supporting the building of another home.
I am out, I love you all and thank you for your support.

Haitian Experience

Today was a day to remember that is for sure..  Before I get into that….  

To all the families and friends at home, we are all happy, healthy, safe, and fed.  Mr. Ward may have had a bit of a bad hair day…….but, other than that all is well.  

This morning Pam led us in our devotional.  On her mind was service, because that is what we are here to do  of course.  She was using scripture from Joshua to reference her devotional.  Joshua 24:15 

And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

This trip, Pam, Jillene, and Kendall are all choosing a child from Children’s LIfeline to sponsor.  The list is plentyful, but the task of choosing?  How does one serve just one child?  How does one choose that child.  There is such a tremendous need, who needs it more?  Pam’s heart was incredibly heavy this morning as she planned to have a child chosen by the end of the day.  

The part of the team that was going to be choosing a child, was going to be doing this today, sometime after lunch.  Part of the team, (Mike, Laura, Sherry, and myself) went into Port-Au-Prince to get supplies for greenhouses for 2 seperate homes and/or orphanages.  We left abou 9:30 this morning in the cantor truck (I will post photos when I return home) We had to first go to the “One Stop” to cash a check and get Hatian gourds.  This was in a part of Port that I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting, so it was quite interesting to see new parts of town.  This also meant we got to expierence the roads in Port.  When we come to Haiti, Lifeline picks us up at the airport and takes major road ways back to the mission.  Now, these are not the best roads, but they are ok.  The roads we were on today?  I am not sure how anyone has a working tire on any vehicle.  On the way in, traffic was stopped for a funeral.  Much like at home we stop to let a funearal prossession go by.  Unlike home is the fact that the prosession is not by vehicle, it is on foot.  The coffin is not in a hearse, it is being carried dow the streets above the crowd by the mourning people  It was incredibly touching to see such a huge amount of people, in the middle of the day, all dressed up, honoring their loved one in this way.  These people were giving up what work they may have been able to get for the day to honor this family.  The 2-3 block long prosession took up half of the street and was followed by the hearse with all of the funeral flowers on top of the hearse.  

It was a very eventful day in town, we did not end up getting any of the supplies that we went to town for, instead we got supplies for a chicken coop.  We went to 2 different places to purchase the supplies and it took better than an hour at each place.  A broken down semi truck in the middle of one of the only passing ways took up the better part of another hour…and we ended the day with a hole in the radiator.  What do you do when you are driving on a busy roadway and your radiator springs a leak?  Why you pull over on the sidewalk and call a mechanic of course.  And he comes to you, and removes your radiator from your truck and takes it back and sauders the hole shut, then he places it back in your vehicle all for the sum of twenty dollars and you are on your way….   3 hours later….  🙂  We were home 9.5 hours after we left, with many memories locked in our mind, and a lot of ideas sprouting in the same place.  

The other part of the team stayed at the mission for the day and went through the abundant amount of clothes and shoes that have been left by donors to be given to those in need.  Unfortunately, other needs are greater and those clothes have been piling up for some time now.  The gals sorted and organized and laid everything out so that we can bring some people in need up to go “shopping” for things that they or their children might need.  They also got all of the bags for the widows ready so that we can hand those out on Tuesday.    More on that later.   Unfortunatley, Robenson (the person here in charge of the sponsor children) was in Port all day and so there was not time to choose sponsor children.  Hopefully tomorrow after their visit to Real Hope For Haiti there will be more time for that.  

Thank you all for your support and prayersm they have been workig for sure…..  Our God is great, and He listens to our needs.  



Prayers for our Upcoming Trip

As many of you know we have a team of 9 leaving the US on Thursday the 7th for a week long missions trip in Haiti.  This blog is a way to keep up with our activities, as I will try to update the blog as often as possible.  If you click on the “subscribe” tab above, youcan subscribe to the blog and get an email update when a new post is updated.
Individual prayer requests for our team including, Pam, Jillene, Sherry, Mike, Laura, Kendall, Jessanne, Emily, and myself.

Specific prayer requests include:

Health for all of our team members.  We have already had some il
lness show up in a couple of our team members, pray for healing for them.  Also pray against new illnesses, specifically the Chikungunya virus, which is spreading in Haiti right now.

Please pray for safety in our travels.  This includes our trips to and from the airports, our flights on Thursday the 7th and Wednesday the 13th, and our travels while in Haiti.  The vehicle used to transport us by Lifeline has been having many issues and is need of replacement, please pray for God to bless Lifeline with the abilities to do this.

We are praying daily for God to bless us with the funds that are needed to purchase property in Haiti, to start building homes for widows on.  While in Haiti this time we will visit the property we are looking at, take plenty of pictures, and hopefully get measurements so that when we get home we can find someone willing to draft our ideas for us.

Pray for Madam Datilus and her family.  The foundation has been blessed with the funds to purchase a home for her, but it will take money to up keep.  We hope to have the funding to get her started with some sort of self-employment while we are there.  Right now she makes less than a dollar a day washing clothes and has no fingertips left.  Also pray that we find the right people with the wisdom to help her two crippled daughters.

Pray for our visits to the orphanages, that we are able to touch someone with the Word.  We will be trying something new with our visits this time, please pray for strength and wisdom for the team to be able to teach some sustainability.

Pray for Daniel and his family.  We have been blessed with the funds to purchase a bed for his mom and dad, hopefully he is working and his family is healthy.  We will also visit his new home and bring home lots of photos of that also.

Pray for Jessanne, she is on a new gluten free diet, and traveling to a 3rd world country does not make this an easy task to accomplish.  We pray she is fulfilled and keeps her strength while doing the Lords work.

Please pray for our (Dwires) sponsor children and their mother.  We hope to find our younger child in better health during this visit, and also we hope to be able to guide his mother into a better way of making money. There are several team members that are going to be new sponsors of Children through Lifeline after this trip.  They are planning on choosing and meeting their sponsor children during this trip to Haiti.  Please keep them in their prayers as they are choosing a child.  This can be such an emotional process as there is so much need, how do you pick?  Pray for discernment.

It was made ever so clear during our last trip in April how incredibly important your prayers are for us.  We were attacked over and over again by satan during our last travels, your prayers help us so much.  Thank you for blessing us with them.  
power of prayer