Do you know that in 2011 advertisers spent 144 BILLION dollars to reach their audience?  That number is such an astronomical number that I can’t even imagine what that would look like in one dollar bills.

This week, 7:10 Foundation was presented with a way to profit from these advertisers.  I-texts was developed as a cost effective way for non-profit organizations to fulfill an ongoing need to raise money. Due to our nation’s falling economy, donations to charitable organizations have plummeted and charities are struggling for ways to raise revenue to support their causes. I-texts is a state-of-the-art text advertising platform with a viable solution whereby charities can perpetually raise money by participating in a revenue sharing plan at no-cost to them or their constituents.

How does it work?

I-texts is working with nationally known brands and advertisers to market their goods
and services through the I-texts mobile texting platform to registered nonprofit
organizations.  This allows advertisers to send, via a mobile texting platform, opt-in text messages, coupons and special offers to supporters that have “opted in” through 7:10 Foundation, at no cost to you.

You agree to receive up to three text ads per day and with each text you receive, 7:10 Foundation receives a generous share of the gross text price paid to I-texts from our registered advertisers. Your enrolled mobile phone is a revenue generator for 7:10 Foundation– and your friends and
families can also register to receive text messaging advertisements to support 7:10 Foundation.  You are not required to open the text for us to receive a portion of the revenue — you just agree to receive the text advertisement.  The best part about it?  If it is driving you nutso, you can opt out at any time.  Another VERY COOL benefit of becoming a member of these promotional texts, is that you can also sign up to be drawn for random cash and prizes.  For every 1 million paid texts that go out, someone will be drawn to win a $5000 cash prize.  IF a member from 7:10 foundation happens to be the winner of this cash prize, not only will they get $5000, but 7:10 Foundation will receive $1250!!!!!


How can you participate?  Simple.  All you need is a phone that can send and receive text messages, smart or otherwise.  Compose a new text message to 70000, in the message part simply type give710 and hit send.  You will receive a confirmation text message with a link to click on to opt in and fill out a quick bit of information about yourself.  This is simply so that I-texts can cater to the types of advertisements you may be looking for.  Now, if you do not have a smart phone, after you send the first text message and receive the response, follow this LINK to fill out your information and agree to terms and conditions. Put your cell phone number in the enroll now spot follow the instructions.  Now you will start receiving the money saving text messages too!

With as few as 100 subscribers, 7:10 can count on about $300.00 a month guaranteed income.  This can go a long way with our current project of purchasing property for the widowage in Haiti.  I am hoping that we can hit that first 100 subscribers before we depart for Haiti again on the 7th of August.

Please share this with you friends and family, it is so easy, and absolutely no cost or obligation to you.  This could turn out to be something huge for us, and be the kick start we need to start getting other consistent monthly supporters.


Text give710 to 70000

Thank you for your continued support.



Hit the Streets for Haiti



Good Morning!

We are fast approaching our next trip to Haiti, August 7th-13th.  We will hopefully accomplish a lot while we are there.  Our minds have been spinning, as this is for some of us our 4th trip, as to how to really make a difference.  But…that is another update.

We have a very diverse board of directors here at 7:10…. everyone has their very own spiritual gifts that (please review 1 Corinthians 12 if you are curious) they are able to share to help the success of the foundation.  Age, gender, location……  All varying.  Today I want to tell you about something that one of our board members has created from Tennessee.

Laura Chapin is married to Charlie Chapin and together they have 3 beautiful Children.


Charlie, Laura, Naomi, Wadson, and Patrick


Laura has created a pretty awesome way for you to get involved with our next mission trip!  Do you have Facebook?  You can check out the page created for this event. 

Hit the Streets for Haiti is a virtual 5k that will take place August 7-13, 2014. To participate make a $25 tax deductible donation to 7:10 Foundation and then during the week of August 7-13 get out and walk or run for Haiti! That same week a group of us will be in Haiti walking our 5k together while ministering to the people. The money raised will all be used to help with projects directly in Haiti. Also when you make your donation you will be entered into a drawing for a beautiful Haitian-made basket!  

How neat is that?  You can be praying for us while participating in a fundraising event!  I can tell you first hand how very important your prayers are, we needed them every single step we took on our last trip to Haiti.  If you are not able to walk/run, you can for sure sponsor someone that can!  I can not wait to see the pictures of those that are participating.  Please make sure to comment “Hit the Streets” when making your donation!

Blessings to you All!


Look What You’ve Done

Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.  

Proverbs 24:3-4



July, 2013

Hannah and I were on our 2nd journey to Haiti through Children’s lifeline.  We once again met with our good friends from Kentucky and Tennessee.  The morning came to go up and meet with the widows.  The group spent time before hand preparing pillow cases with rice and beans to hand to the widows before they left the weekly praise and worship session.  One of the questions asked by the pastor, as usual, is what are your prayer needs?  One of the ladies that spoke, really spoke to my heart.  Her name, I later learned, Madam Datilus.  Madam Datilus is a single mother with 5 children, 2 of whom are crippled and can not walk.  She moved down to the village from the mountains with her children to try and find work to support them.  She was without a home or property to build a home, renting a room from another pastor who lived in the village next to La Digue.


Myself and Jenna, praying with Madam Datilus. Our translator Marck Henry speaking our prayer for her to understand.

Many of you know that I was a single mom for about 3 years, with 3 small children.  I had a roof over our head, a job that helped support us, medical insurance for the kids, and food.  There were times that I struggled and felt sorry for myself, asking why me?  My guts were in knots the entire time I listened to Madam Datilus that day.  How incredibly selfish I had been.  Her kids are essentially homeless, have no access to medical care, and are very hungry.  The first “big” mission of 7:10 Foundation was born this day in July, 2013.  Through this blog, facebook, and our website, we started asking for help in raising the money to build this special family a home.  Some donations started coming in, and this was very exciting.  I had not put a time frame on my hopes for the money to come in, I had to remind myself frequently that The Lord will provide.  And he did just that,  soon a check for the remaining amount needed to build a home came in the mail.  Praise the Lord!  The excitement was soon brought down a notch when the next hurdle was yet to be cleared.  Mdm. Datilus was not a property owner, so where are we to build this new home?  We have been praying ever since.

Mdm. Datilus, myself, and Robenson meeting in April 2014.  Robenson is translating and writing down names and ages of her children.

Mdm. Datilus, myself, and Robenson meeting in April 2014. Robenson is translating and writing down names and ages of her children.

About 10 days ago, I opened my email to find an email from Children’s Lifeline .  Osmy, one of the Haitian directors of Lifeline had been given the first opportunity to purchase a home in La Digue.  The home and the property could be purchased for $5000.00.  This seemed an amazing opportunity for her, but we wanted to make sure that it is something that she would want.  Does she want to wait for us to find property?  Or, does she want this home, now?  I was assured by Lifeline that she would want this property, and photos were sent from Haiti.




















And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever.  Amen 

Philippians 4:19-20

It is with GREAT pleasure that I tell you that 7:10 Foundation, through YOUR help, has sent the check to Children’s Lifeline for the purchase of this home for Madam Datilus and her family.  JN Mary-Boy-16 years old, Rosena-Girl-13 years old, Betina-Girl-10 years old, DJenita-Girl_ 6 years old, and Elonel-Boy_3 years old.  You all helped in so many ways, most importantly through your prayers, and financial support.  Rosena and Betina are the two girls that are crippled and can not walk.  Please continue to be in prayer for their needs and a diagnosis.

We are about a month out from our next trip. August 7th-13th, with travel days on the 6th and 14th.    Pam Allebach will be joining us again for her 2nd trip, and joining us will be her sister Jillene for her first trip.  Sherry and Emily will be coming again for their 2nd time, and Jessanne and Kendall for their 2nd time.  We will again be meeting up with our southern friends in Atlanta.

It is our hope that while we are there we can help Madam Datilus get established in her new home, and maybe started with some gardening and maybe some goats or chickens.  She has literally worked her fingers to the bone washing others clothes for less than a dollar a day.  Hopefully we can help her to learn how to supplement her income enough to save what she has left of her fingers.

My personal hope is to be able to fill my suitcases with items for her and for one other family that has touched my heart with things like tuna, chicken, and peanut butter.  Their needs consist of food, clothes, and shoes.

If anyone is so led to help out with any of these needs in Haiti, please visit our website here. Click on Donate and make an online donation through the secure website Paypal.  Please make sure and comment what your donation is for.

Thank you once again for all of your prayers and support, we know as a foundation that without you, there would be no us.