Urgent Needs~ Calling all Prayer Warriors

Good Morning my dear friends. 

Children’s Lifeline has played a very important role in the changing of my life, my husbands life, and several close people to us. We are very grateful for everything they have accomplished and for everything they are helping us accomplish through our foundation. I have a very urgent request for you all, and If you share no other post from this page, please please share this one.

Lifeline has been blessed with the ability to feed 8000 meals a day. This is just over 37 cases of packaged food, like KAH. The warehouse is almost empty. As it stands right now, they will not have enough food to make it until the next shipment arrives. This meal that lifeline provides is THE ONLY FOOD that most of these kids will ever receive. Please, Please PRAY!!!!! The Lord always provides, and we need to talk to him.

Second very urgent need is Tylenol (acetaminophen) to treat Chikungunya fever. It is spreading like wild fire, and the only relief comes from the Tylenol. Lifeline is asking for 1000 bottles of Tylenol. Infants/children/adult. Please please pray for this need. I was able to pick up childrens chew able and adult tablets in the 88 cent bin at Wal-Mart yesterday….. Will you spend 88 cents today?

Blessings to you all…

Your Sister in Christ



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Thank you Lord!  I knew you would provide….. well, I didn’t always believe it, but you did it anyway!

Today, the mailman delivered one of the most EXCITING pieces of mail that we have EVER received.  Inside was a letter from the IRS, addressed to 7:10 Foundation.  Inside was a confirmation that we are now TAX EXEMPT!  Yes, folks, we have our 501(c)(3).  This is HUGE in so many wonderful ways.  We have always been able to provide you with a receipt for your donations to 7:10 Foundations, but now we will for sure not have to pay income tax on those donations.  We brought in an amount in 2013 that we did not have to pay income tax for last year, and now we do not have to worry about it at all for 2014.  We will now be able to purchase things without paying tax on them.  Things like fabric for diapers, pads, and salvation dolls.  When we are approaching larger companies or churches to try and raise support, we can proudly say that we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit!  Yay!  Our prayers are to bring in HUGE x LARGE amounts of money this year, and this status makes it so much easier!  We are in the process of putting together a project plan for the Widowage, but our first goal is to raise $10,000.00 to purchase the property for the Widowage.

PSALM 9:1-2 

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works.  I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.  


I know that I say it, and may sound like a broken record, but prayer.  Prayer.  Prayer.  I give this all to God, and the fact that each and every one of our prayer warriors talked to Him, and asked him for our tax exempt status.  Thank you.  Keep up the great work!

Stay tuned for more 501(c)(3) news!