DanielaThis is Daniel’s House..

Daniel has given permission to request prayers by his name.  Prayers for his family and for his home.  Daniel is living in a home with as many as 21 other people.  Daniel is the only one that is in the home that is employed.  He makes about 3500 Gourds a month.  This is the equivalent of about $100.00 American dollars.

There are two doors to the two room home, but only one is usable, and it is not a very good door.  daniel3

When it rains, the water runs in to the house, so they have to get up and sit together until the rain stops, to try and stay dry.

 daniel11 daniel9 daniel8 daniel7

There are too many people in the home for them all to have a bed, so many sleep on the floor of the home.

daniel14 daniel4 daniel18 daniel12

The family is usually only able to cook 2 meals a week.  The children are able to eat at the feeding center at Children’s Lifeline, so they will get at least one meal a day, during the week.

7:10 Foundation has a commitment from a donor to match up to 1250$ that we are able to raise for the repairs desperately needed on Daniel’s Home.  I know that the Lord will provide the means to get this accomplished, and what I am asking from you is to please help with prayers for Daniel and his family.  Pray that our fundraising efforts are successful, and we can help meet this one need of Daniels family.

Frè ak sè nan Kris la 

This means “brothers and sisters in Christ”

Please remember our brother Daniel in your prayers.  If you are able to help us meet our goal of $1250.00 for repairs on Daniels home, please use the link above that says “donate to 7:10 Foundation”  all donations are done securely through Pay Pal.  Please make a note that you would like your donation to go towards Daniel’s Home.

Here is one more picture of a few of the members of Daniel’s Family, Dear Lord, please be with Daniel and his family.  Wrap your arms around them and protect them.  Continue to bless them with Your Love.  Please help to keep them healthy and food in their tummies and also full of the knowledge of You.  In Jesus name, Amen.


Blessings to you All


Goal Setting

It has been a while since I have talked to you all.  There has been a lot going on!  Some short updates include:

Laura did a fundraiser from her home in KY.  She made fabulous super hero capes and sold them for $15 a piece, with all proceeds going to the foundation!  It was a fantastic fundraiser with a lot of success!  Thanks Laura!

IMG_0889Sherry put together a sew-a-thon at the church on Saturday afternoon.  Sam, my sister, joined us to share her skills and teach us how to sew cloth maxi pads.  It was a fun day!  I am not, let me emphasize, NOT, skilled in the sewing department.  I had brought along fabric to cut out doll bodies and heads to make salvation dolls.  I am hoping that we reach our MN goal of 120 salvation dolls and 400 maxi pads before our trip in April.  We are over 100 pads complete.  We have over 60 dolls cut and ready to sew together, and 2 complete.


Check out the cool sewing machine Donna was using. Donna helped put together pads, and then took dolls home to complete.


JoAnne, contemplating her work.


The work table…. I promise next time we will try and be more organized 🙂


Faith and Elaina both came to help out with the sewing day. Some donated fleece worked well for blankets and pillows when the day got to long…..

Sam has been hammering away on diapers for us to bring along also.  We also have a church that is close to Sebeka that is working on diapers for us to bring along also.  I am very excited to see what they have been able to complete.

The gifts that have been coming in from around the WORLD through the group of ladies on have been amazing.  They are still coming in.  We got a gift of wash clothes, soaps, and hats from a very talented lady in SWEDEN.  All of these ladies and their amazing talents are going to bless so many people in Haiti.  We thank everyone that has helped out from Ravelry.


This is the gifts that came all the way from Sweden

 We have some very talented ladies right here in the Sebeka area that are gifting us with their talents in the wash cloth department, and we are very grateful.

About our upcoming trip.  The tickets have been purchased and 8 of us from Minnesota are ready to head out of the never ending cold on April 4th.  We leave MSP airport very early in the morning and we get back to MN on April 10th.  It is coming so quickly.  There will be a big group of people from Tennessee and Indiana also.  It is going to be a wonderful trip.

Our IT committee (Sam) has updated the website.  If you visit , and click on the Where we’re going tab, you can see a list of the needs that we have.  These are the things that we are hoping to collect for our trip.  And of course if we are not able to get these things for this one, we have the space now to store them for our next trip!  I stopped again today in search of suitcases at a Boys and Girls Club, no luck this time.

I have some other wonderful news to share.  We have a commitment from a sponsor that is willing to help us out with an upcoming personal goal of mine.  On my last two trips I have been drawn to one of the missions employees.  Well, all of them really, but this particular one has some pretty immediate needs. I will call him “D” .   He is a groundskeeper for the mission.  He is very young (early 20’s) and supports his entire family on his income only.  Given his age this is already a huge undertaking, but wait until you hear more.  D lives in a house that is in desperate need of attention.  He is living there with EIGHTEEN other people.  D is a very talented young man, he is God fearing, and very thankful for what he does have.  When I have the opportunity to visit with him again in April, I will ask his permission to share more with you, it is important for the people that give support have a personal connection with their gifts.

When we talked to Lifeline about D, we found out that his home is repairable and that this could be done for $2500 dollars.  We have a sponsor that is willing to match up to half of that, so we only need to raise $1250 dollars to get this home fixed.  I ask all of you to lift this up in your prayers.  And also keep Madam Dautilus in your prayers, as we are still waiting for land to build her home on.

Your prayers of course are most important, we have all witnessed what power they have.  If you feel the calling to financially help out with the repair of this home, please click on Donate to 7:10 Foundation above, or visit our home page at and click on the Donate Now button.  These are secure transactions through Pay Pal.  You can also mail a check to us if you choose.

Once again, thank you to all for your support.  Whether it be prayerful support, material support, or financial support.  They are all VERY important.

Blessings to you all