Just wanted you to all see what the money is going to build in Haiti, once the property is secured….  Again many thanks to all who have donated to this cause.  We will continue to support Children’s Lifeline with construction needs as we grow.  Here are some photos of the progression of a house being built.  This is what the house for Madam Datilus will look like 🙂








Final Pic


Blessings to you all



I have been working on growing in my faith in our Lord for about five years now.  While I grew up in a home that regularly attended church, and was confirmed in my faith at a young age, I wasn’t really a christian.  I had no relationship with the Lord, and I had not confessed out loud.

The last five years have been some of the most blessed years of my entire life.  I know why, but I have a tendency  to forget why all to often.  Then something HUGE will happen, a prayer will be answered, and it will hit me like a ton of bricks up side the head.  Then come the emotion of guilt, for forgetting, once again why it is that we have all that we have.

There are many moments that I can reflect on, and know that I was at peace because Jesus was protecting me.  Just one example of that is when I was pregnant with Elaina, and my water broke at 30 weeks.  I was taken by ambulance and given steroids, and labor stopping meds, and high doses of antibiotics.  I should have been shaking with fear of the outcome, but I wasn’t.  Healing hands were laid on me, and I was able to incubate the precious life growing inside of me for 4 more weeks.  I was in the hospital that whole time, but I was not anxious at all, and I knew why.  I knew my baby was going to be just fine.  And she was.  A short stay in the NICU to “make sure” and we were on our way home with our tiny peanut.

Many of you know that we have been working on raising money for a dear lady that I had the opportunity to meet in Haiti.  Her name is Madam Datilus.  I was immediately drawn to her and her story.  She has a sad story, a single mother with 5 children, 2 of whom are crippled, and homeless.  Yet, when the pastor at the widows group asked for prayer requests she was not selfish in her requests at all, in fact, what she had were praises.  She was thanking God for everything she had (which I could only perceive as nothing).  It took an emotional toll on me, thinking back to my days of being a single mom to three.  I was pitiful, and felt sorry for myself on a daily basis.  While I was totally committed to my children, my heart was no where near where this inspiring mothers heart was.

We have been taking in donations for her since our return from Haiti in July.  Our hope was to raise enough money for this mother to have Lifeline build a house for her.  Lifeline is already established in Haiti, and has wonderful relationships with the local people.  They are also all about “giving back” to the community.  They employ Haitians when they have projects, and have them involved, which I think is incredibly important.  It is not just a “hand out” from them, and the people can take more pride in what is being done for them, with them.  Every time a donation would come in, small or large, my heart would swell.  The anticipation of this gift was growing every day.  I have been worse than a child on the night before Christmas waiting to tear into their stockings.  My hope with the upcoming vendor blender is that we would be able to raise enough money to have the $5000.00 needed to build a home for this precious woman.

I have been getting a lot of mail lately, because of the vendor blender.  The registrations and fees for booths have been coming in almost daily.  On Tuesday, there was an envelope with a return address that I did not recognize as being one of a vendor.  I opened it and near fell over.  It was a good thing I was sitting down.  I started crying like I have not cried before.  Emily asked me if someone died.  No, it was not like that at all, I was crying tears of joy.  In the envelope was an anonymous donation for the rest of the building of the home for Madam Datilus.  Yes, you read that right.  SMACK..  there it was.  Tanja, why do you ever forget who is on the side of good.  This is totally a “God thing”

Now, while this is a major praise, we move on to another prayer request.  And I know with all of you prayer warriors out there, that mountains can be moved.  While we now have the means to build a home, we are in need of land to build it on.  I think that a lot of the time, when homes are built, they are built on property that is already established.  A stick/mud/tarp home is being replaced with something magnificent.  Madam Datilus is not from La Digue.  She moved down with her children to the village, and had no home.  She has been staying with a pastor and his family since she has been there.  So, now, we need to pray for the land to build her house on.  This obstacle has been overcome before, and people in the village have donated land before to Lifeline.  Please, prayer warriors, include this in your prayers.

We will continue to raise money, to continue to do God’s work and spread his word.  I wanted to tell you what 7:10 is planning as a holiday fundraiser.  While we were in Haiti this last time we were blessed with a visit to Real Hope For Haiti.  (RHFH) This organization takes the sickest of the sickest children.  They are fighting for the lives of these children every day.  One thing that is used to nurse these children back to health is called Medika Mamba.  It is made in Haiti, and by employed Haitians, and when possible, with Haitian products.

This holiday season, when you are considering a gift, please consider a gift of Medika Mamba.  What we would like is for you to make a donation in the name of the gift recipient, and we will send a card to that person, saying that a gift was purchased in your name.  We will then gift this money to Real Hope For Haiti, to purchase life saving Medika Mamba.  If you use our Donation button above you can note that the gift is for MM and also a name and address for who you would like to receive the thank you card.  The card will read like this:

Thank you for your Donation!!!

A donation has been made in your name through 7:10 Foundation to Real Hope for Haiti.


100% of this donation will purchase MEDIKA MAMBA for the children of Haiti. Your blessing alone, will change the lives of many children.

“One of the most vital weapons we are blessed with to combat severe malnutrition is an incredible product called Medika Mamba, a RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) made of ground roasted peanuts, powdered milk, cooking oil, sugar, vitamins and minerals.  Medika Mamba (Creole for “Peanut Butter Medicine) is produced here in Haiti by Meds & Food for Kids , providing jobs for many people in this job-sparse nation.”

(Posted 9/18/2013,




More information, please visit and



We hope to send this gift to RHFH by Christmastime.  Please email or comment on the blog with any questions, and we will get you the answers you need.

Home Town Kindness 

I was born and raised in Perham, MN.  I graduated from high-school in 1994, worked there until 1997, when I moved to South Dakota.  My parents are still in Perham, in the same house that I grew up in.  When I moved back to MN from SD, I planted in Sebeka, MN…. so not to far from home.  

I make it back to Perham often, 6 kids that love to see Grandma and Grandpa.  I visit the chiropractor in Perham, and Perham Printing has helped us out with some supplies for the foundation.  

The Foundation is hosting a Vendor Blender on the 30th of November in Perham, at The Cactus.  I have had an enourmous amount of help from a fellow Perham friend, Winter Moore.  She has been a critical part of organizing the different vendors for the show.  She has done fundraising shows in the past, and was able to give me advice on what has worked and what hasn’t worked.  Along with the vendors, we will also be having a silent auction on this same day.  The vendors will be donating product from their wares, and we will have it for silent auction.  This will be how 7:10 raises money.  Winter had the idea that we should ask area businesses if they would be willing to help out with the silent auction, by donating items to  be put on the silent auction.  She volunteered to drive from Fargo to Perham on her day off, to help out with this adventure.  She was so passionate, I couldn’t say no.  I prayed before we went, that we would be successful, prayed that The Lord would help me through my skepticism.  We are a very new foundation, so our name isn’t really out there, and I haven’t been active in Perham in a lot of years.  People aren’t really going to blindly hand us donations are they?  

Well the answer to that question is YES!  And praise The Lord, did they donate!  I was finding it hard when we would leave one place of business to go to the next, to not cry.  I was over come with emotion from the generosity and the kindness of the buisness owners and managers in Perham.  

It seems to be a pattern with me.  Always hindsight.  Every time great things happen to me, or for me, or for the ones that I love, I find myself thinking “wow”.  Of course I know why these great things are happening, it is because our Lord is giving, and kind.  Even though I know this, I still wonder.  I should know better, but time after time, I am surprised.  Please join me in prayer for financial success at the vendor show.  I would love nothing more than to go to Haiti in April with the means to build a house for Madam Datilus.  If you are not able to attend the show, remember you can visit our website at and “donate”  The donations are secured through Pay Pal, and you can make note that you would like your donation to go towards the home construction.  

* Some more praises that I need to mention….  just over TWENTY love bundles and the means to get them shipped to Kentucky to Children’s Lifeline have come in.  We are so incredibly blessed with some tremendous people.  

*  Vendors are still confirming, and if all goes well we will have THIRTY vendors, plus the 7:10 booth at the vendor blender.  

Please check out our facebook page, “like” our page, and then visit the Events.  You can see all the confirmed vendors and auction items from the Perham businesses.  We hipe that you will spread the word and visit us on the 30th.  


gma patty 3 gpa mark 1

Sometimes I would be angry being the oldest… the oldest sibling and the oldest cousin.  This is of course when I was much younger, as we are all adults now.  Dishes at Christmas were the responsibility of the oldest, (my sister was included in this group) and of course the baby of the family was always oh so cute.  I did not appreciate being the oldest in the least when I was young.  I now have a whole new perspective on it.  Now what I feel is blessed.

My great grandma Tillie was alive until I was 14.  Matilda Louise Bullock.  Because of birth order, I was able to get to know my GREAT grandma for 14 years.  I have so many wonderful memories.  She would get a pass from the nursing home to go to Hackensack and spend time with my grandma Patty, (her daughter), and often times I would go along.  Grandma Tillie and I would sleep together in Grandma Patty’s “blue room”  We were like school girls, giggling and talking until the wee hours of the morning.  Grandma Patty would come in and “scold” us and tell us to get to sleep.  I could go on and on with the memories, but I will spare you the details.  Grandma Tillie was 90 years old when she passed away.  She knew who I was until she died, and I am excited about the fact that I will get to be with her again some day.  

Recently, my grandma Patty had us a little worried about her health.  My stomach was in knots for a few days over what may be going on with her.  All that worry has once again turned into a blessing for me.  Because of this health scare, I have been able to spend a lot of time with her.  Taking her to appointments, and shopping, and dinner.  The quality time I have spent with her in the last month has been such an eye opener to me.  The rush of emotion that came over me after I left her the last time was enormous.  Then, I had to look at the reasons that I have been able to spend this time with my grandma, and realize that it is what God had intended all along. Why is it that I am continue to be “surprised” by what the Lord is doing for me?  I pray, and then have the look of a deer in the headlights when my prayers are answered.  Let’s look at what has been lined up over the last 4 years, to give me this opportunity.  The first and foremost reason is my husband.  Jeremiah works away from home, away from his own family, to support us and our living, and has gifted me the job of a stay at home mom.  If I were working, I would not have the time that I do to spend with Grandma.  Second is the wonderful family and friends that I have that help me out with the kids while I am with Grandma.  The gift just keeps on giving, this in turn is giving my own children time with their grandma.  How many of us have living grandparents?  How many of us can say that we have had a relationship with our great grandparents.

Job 12:12 says: Is not the wisdom found among the aged?  Does not long life bring understanding?  (NIV) My advice to anyone with living grandparents is to not let this time pass you by.  Let go of the stereotype that you may have of “old people”   There is a lot you can learn.

Another kick to me through this time is the fact that I have this foundation that I am blessed enough to be a part of, but have not really done all that I have said.  Our main focus is widows and orphans, but not just in Haiti.  Here I have been spending this time with a widow and not recognizing it for what it is.   I have been praying for knowledge of needs of widows right here at home.  I would love any feedback from any of you that may have ideas for me.

Before this gets way to boring for you to read, I want to direct you to a link

31 Sizzling Scripture Passages from God’s Heart,  by William J Loge.  Yet another blessing in my life was the gift of Bill and Jean Loge, wonderful Christian people that attended the same church as I did for a while. Bill has been working on this book for busy families, and what I have read so far is awesome!  Please visit Amazon and get a copy!  You will not be sorry.