Building Fund 

Meet Mm Datilus.  In the photo above Jenna and I are praying for this single mother.  I have learned since our trip that not only is she a single mother of two crippled girls, but of a total of 5 children.  The need for her to have a place to call home is high.  I am trying to learn more about her and her children so that I can tell you more about her story, and I will pass on anything that I learn.  

What I do know is that she moved to the village from the mountains with her 5 children, and the father is not in the picture .  I do not know the ages of the crippled girls, or the cause, but I do know that because of their disabilities they are not able to attend school.  She has one child that will be attending the lifeline highschool, in the 7th grade, and two that will be attending Hatte mahee and are both in pre-school.  When we left Haiti in July, we stopped to say good bye and at that time she was staying with a pastor and his family.  

When you help financially to build a house through lifeline, the work will be done by Haitians.  They take much pride in their work, and lifeline likes the new home owner to be as involved as possible.  This way it isn’t just a handout, it is a true gift from God, and appreciated by all involved.  Right now she does not have her own property, so lifeline is looking into that for us.  The cost of a two room home with a porch (which is pretty standard) is $5000.00.  This will be our first goal, and may be adjusted when the property availability becomes known.  

Our application for tax exempt status has been sent, and we are able to back date receipts of donation to the date we sent the application, so pending our approval from the IRS all donations can be used as a tax deduction.  

Please pray for the goal of $5000.00 to be met so that we can get this family into a home of their own.  The power of prayer is simply amazing, and witnessed on a very regular basis in Haiti.  I have heard so many miraculous stories of successful prayers that I know if you are praying, it will be.  If you feel led to donate to the new home please visit our website at

We have an account through pay pal, and Sam has made sure everything is very secure.  I will keep you posted to the progress of the fundraising and any updates I hear about the family.  

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Questions?  Please email us at 

Blessings to you all, I hope you are all staying healthy and can enjoy this final weekend of Summer! 


Help Needed 

It surprises me every time it happens.  I don’t know why, I should know better by now, but none the less, I am still surprised.  God intervening at the perfect time.  

This morning, I was drinking my coffee and facebooking, like normal.  I like to have an hour or better to consume my caffiene and all the daily updates.  I came across a new blog post for Real Hope For Haiti, requesting volunteer help, in MINNESOTA of all places.  I knew before I clicked to read the full story that I wanted to help.  

I called the number listed on the blog, and left a message.  After that I called my mother in law, Sherry, and she is excited to help out too!  Lorraine called me back and the conversation was wonderful!  

RHFH is going to have volunteers at several Sam’s Club locations the 8th, 9th, and 10th of this month, taking donations of specific items to send to Haiti, and also cash donations.  

As we were talking she asked if I could start praying, and enlist others in prayer, that this weekend would be successful in getting some much needed items for the clinic/rescue center in Haiti.  The big need right now is funding for the trailer used to ship the goods to Haiti.  RHFH is in need of medicine, and in order to send it they will need around $13,000.00 for the trailer.  They are also in need of money for the medicine, this will cost around $10,000.  This seems huge, but this will buy $750,000 worth of medicine!  Enough to last around 7 months.  Please keep RHFH in your prayers.  

Also, Lorraine will be leaving Minnesota on the 24th of August.  Anything that we are able to collect outside of the Sam’s drive, she is willing to take with her, to get on a container to Haiti.  Sherry has talked about the need for cloth diapers and burial blankets.  If any one is able to get some of these made before the 24th please let me know and I will get them from you.   Lorraine expressed the need for baby powder. This costs $1.88 at walmart.  If you have a chance to pick up a bottle or two, I will gladly get it to Lorraine to go with her.  

If you are able to give anything financially you can get a check to me to get to RHFH, or you can go right to their website 

 there is a link there to pay pal and also a mailing address for checks to be mailed right to them.  

please email me at 

if you have any questions or would like to help in anyway with the sewing or other donations.  

Please visit us at:

Blessings to you all 



When we were seated for breakfast at the Marriott in Colorado Springs this last Friday morning, we noticed a sign on the table.  Due to local mandates, water was only being served if requested.  We assumed this was due to the recent fires and the amount of water that was used in the fighting of these fires, but we do not know for sure.  

It got me thinking about water.  

What do we do when we are thirsty?  When we are dirty?  When our tomatoes in our garden are thirsty?  Or we are simply hot and delighting ourselves in an amusing outdoor activity.  We turn on our water.  Whether it is at our kitchen sink, in our refrigerator, in the shower, or at the hose, we simply turn it on.  How easy is this?  And have you ever thought about how lucky (blessed) we really are that we have this available to us.  Most of us are privelaged enough to have safe well water, or filtered city water at our disposal.  The key word in that sentence?  Safe.  


I have been reading posts from the Real Hope for Haiti website, on how the recent weather has caused the number of cholera cases to go up.  This is transmitted in un safe water.  I do not think that all of us realize how blessed we are to have safe water available to us.  There are so many countries that do not have the materials or the education to have safe drinking water.  They cook with the same water that animals swim and defacate in a block up stream, the same water that the neighbor is washing clothes in and bathing her children in.  It is hard to understand, but so many of these people could prevent some of the water bourne illnesses if they only had the education on how to cook and clean with water that has been boiled.  

In Port-Au-Prince, they have a water day.  People can come and get “safe” water.  I am not sure that it is something that I would chance drinking, but it is better than the water the goats were frolicking in.  You and I walk to our sink, or water hydrant to fill buckets with water.  Take a look at what happens in Port-Au-Prince on water day.  

5 gallon buckets.  And more 5 gallon buckets.  They carry them from their homes to a central location and then bring the water home.  They carry full buckets on their heads, and at the same time in their arms.  It is like the lines and the chaos that we see on Black Friday at the Target store when they open their doors at 5am.  Only, this isn’t for the last 15$ DVD player, it is for life sustaining water.  

From what I have read, water is mentioned 722 times in scripture.  The very first time is in the 2nd verse of the bible.  Genesis 1:2 

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  

From a website that I visited: 

From the beginning of the Bible to the end water flows through the pages of scripture. It is full of passages that link water to Gods creating, blessing and saving work. This alone shows to me the importance of water in our spiritual lives”  

It puts a whole new perspective on what flows out of my kitchen sink.