I am happy to announce that we received word from our lawyer today that the foundation has been incorporated.  

“Articles of Incorporation were accepted by the Secretary of State, so you are officially recognized by the state.  “

This is very exciting news for us.  We have a few things to clean up yet with the by-laws and then we can apply for our tax exempt/ non profit status from the IRS.  

This is so very exciting for us, and we know that it has been made possible by all of the prayers of our family and friends.  Keep them coming 🙂  

In other news, I just finished packing the 4th and final suitcase full of donated goods to take to Haiti.  Again with the help of many family and friends we were able to pack several hundred pencils and sharpeners, bubbles, play ground balls, soccer balls, many stuffed animals, shoes, and some childrens pain reliever.  Today when I called the airline to check on the cost of checking extra luggage, I was a little sad.  We each can check one bag, and the 2nd bag would cost $100.  This means it would be an extra $200 dollars to get all of these donated goods to Haiti.  God Answered our prayers, in very short time.  We were gifted the $200 and all suitcases will soon be on a flight to Haiti.  

This coming week, keep my sister in law Vanessa Jager in your prayers.  She graciously volunteered to watch 5 of my 6 children while I am away in Haiti. She has 3 small children of her own, and does not have a bus to haul them all, so she will be home bound for a few days..    I have every confidence that she will do just fine, but extra prayers can never hurt…  

 The 4th and final suitcase, and yes, it did zip shut 

New Adventures 

Hello all, I just want to take a minute to let you all know about a new adventure that Jeremiah and I are taking.  

After our trip to Haiti in December, we were both touched in many different ways.  God’s presence there was so strong.  Both of us came home wanting to do more.  Now, at first we were on pretty opposite ends of the spectrum.  Jeremiah was ready to sell off everything and move to Haiti.  I was not on that side of the scale at all.  I have been praying everyday since our return for guidance, and more of a balance of our desires.  Together we have decided to start a foundation.  The foundation is called 710 Foundation.  This is in reference to Zecheriah 7:10.  

Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor.  Do not plot evil against each other.  NIV Zecheriah 7:10

The foundation is in its beginning stages right now.  We have registered the name with the state and we are waiting for that paperwork to come back to us.  Once this has been established the next step is to obtain a tax exempt status from the IRS, so that we can operate as a non profit.  This is apparently a time consuming process with a timeline that is not predictable.  Right now Jeremiah, Myself, and Sherry are listed as board members.  We are hoping that we can expand this to people in other parts of the country so we are able to touch more and more people.  My sister Samantha is our tech guru… she is establishing our website, and helping me with this very new to me blogging process.  Once we are set up we will have a facebook and a twitter feed also.  Jeremiahs sister Terra has designed our logo for the foundation, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  

We have grand ideas with what we can do with the foundation.  Our goal is to help widows and orphans, with a strong focus on the country of Haiti.  We do not want to limit it to Haiti though, we are both very well aware of needs in our own country also.  We also would like to establish a scholarship fund to help those who want to enter into the missionary field.  

This Saturday, June 29th, Hannah Allebach and I will travel back to Haiti on another missions trip.  My hope is to blog daily about our experiences, and share with you what God is doing with us.  Please keep us in your prayers.