Home is Where the Heart is….

But what if your heart is in more than one place?


Proverbs 3:6 

In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Yes, I know.  Listen.  He knows what He is doing and I don’t.  I like to argue.  Anyone that knows me knows how incredibly stubborn I am.  He has been hinting for over a year, and I push the idea aside.  Well now, he smacked me in the face with it.  What, you ask is He telling me to do?

Be full time with my family in Haiti.

Crazy…  right?

My ideas, my thoughts, my answers are not His.  I have always said that we would run our ministry from America with the help of our very skilled Haitian employees.  We will continue to go once every 2-3 months for a week or so, to stay accountable and do administrative duties.

In my mind “my” mission was always and only widows.  Boy, God sure had other plans in that department too.  In January our first team visited Haiti, they had a strong urge to visit orphanages… I do not have any connections with orphanages but our director Rodnald sure does.  He brought us to Garden Of Hope in Montrouis, a small orphanage with 38 kids and no committed support.  The owner of the orphanage works to pay for all of these children and the staff.  He can not do it on his own and many of these children are sick and hungry.  I still fought the need to be involved.  We visited, we prayed, God will provide.  Right? Of course He will, but only if I listen to Him.

Shortly after our trip in January, Pastor Jake was notified by Junior (orphanage director) that one of his children was very ill and in the hospital, needing funding.

Junior with Roseberline in the hospital

I cried out to God…”Why!  Why me!  I don’t do orphans!!” His answer was to provide the funding needed for this hospital stay.  Ok, I hear you, but I still don’t like it.

During this time a family had approached 7:10 about serving full time in Haiti.  Again, this had not been on our radar, but what we heard from this family is that they were called.  How can we say no to that?  But, lets do a see and feel trip first.  A week long trip was planned with the family and myself as a guide for mid April. The family prayed dillegently, planned carefully, and even started to learn creole.  We met at the airport in Minneapolis, at a ridiculously early hour on Saturday morning, after a restless night with little to no sleep.  Our flights were smooth and we landed on time as expected and were through customs in a breeze.  Our ride waiting for us outside.  None of us had eaten that day, so our first stop was at an americanized restaurant for a burger before heading back to the village.  The ride to La Digue went smooth, but the baby was not feeling well.  It was hot.  Mama missionary was not comfortable with her decision to travel with the baby and after our arrival in La Digue, the decision to go back to the states the very next morning was made.  Flights were booked without any problems.  Mama and Papa missionary had a very loooooong night with a very restless baby.  Mama had a kidney stone before she left that had decided to visit again.  The heat and dehydration were not helping the nursing mom with that pain.  It was a wise decision to go home.  But why?  Why were they called to go through all of this, all the fundraising, all the planning, all the preparing, to only stay for a few hours?  And now what was I going to do?  I had no real purpose to be there other than welcome the family and introduce them to the country I love.  Should I go home too?  (insert the sound of thunder and a lightning strike to my head here)

The answer was clear.  No.  I attended a funeral that Sunday in the mountains, and the week never slowed down after that.  I know that this is going to sound crude, but this is what I felt.  God literally “dumped” 5 very very sick CHILDREN!!! in my lap.  He said, “here you go my child, love these children, they need you”

The why was made clear to me very quickly.  The family that wanted to join us in Haiti HAD to come.  They had to come to see why it wasn’t their time or season to serve in Haiti.  If they had stayed home, waited, not listened….. they would not have been shown why the season wasn’t right.  They also HAD to go for me to realize that yes, indeed, we do need a missionary family on the ground in Haiti serving with 7:10.  That family is us.


Wonderline leaving a TB sample

I came home in a real bad place.  I had fallen in love with the children that we served that week. I bonded.  I nurtured as they were my own.  I had to leave my heart in Haiti, to return to where my heart was in America.  I argued with God and with my self for weeks after my return.  I was ugly.  My husband… gentle and kind, said to me “Tanja, when are you going to listen to Him, and what He is calling you to do?”  BUT…. BUT…. BUT…..

So.  Here we are.  Raising support so we can go to Haiti.  Here is a link to our support letter if you are interested in reading it.   Dwire Family Support Letter

People think we are crazy.  People think it is reckless.  People think it is wrong.  But it doesn’t matter what people think.  Only what God thinks.

We ask you to be in constant prayer for us and for our journey.

If you feel led to donate to our support here is a direct link Donate to the Dwire’s

We are open to any questions that people may have for us too.  We know this is huge, and we are open with our thoughts, plans, and intend to share with everyone.

Blessings to you all ~ Tanja



An article I just read told me to blog instead of Facebook post… I am not sure how I feel about that, but I will try to be more active here with my blog also…

Life in Haiti is hard.  It is harder than I could have ever ever imagined.  It is physically draining and even more emotionally draining.  My love is made stronger every day, yet my heart cracks a little more at the same time.

Haiti healthcare is less than stellar.  I know that America has problems… in fact I am one of the americans with a problem, I have no health care insurance.  But in Haiti… it is bad.  I could talk for hours on just what I have seen.  I could talk for hours more on what others have seen.  Let me just tell you that there is no appointment making in Haiti.  You go to the clinic/hospital and you sit.  Sometimes you sit all day, and still do not get seen by a doctor.  This last trip in April I spent countless hours in clinics and hospitals, with no end results.

Many of you have kept up on Facebook, but for those of you that do not know, 7:10 has been working with a 12 year old young man named Renand. He has been blind and suffered with pain and infection in one eye for as long as he can remember. We tried to get him help in January with no help.  In April he was the main focus of the trip.  After I had returned home from my trip in April I received a phone call from the eye specialist in Haiti (english speaking) to tell me that Renand has cancer of the retina, retinoblastoma

As much as I prayed for a diagnosis and for pain relief, this was not what I wanted to hear.  This young man is living with his older sister, who struggles to take care of her own children and add Renand to that.  He goes to school every day, walking well over a mile there and back.  He is full of light and kindness, why?  why cancer?  why God…?

Renand needed surgery, he needed his eye removed.  After the call was made, and the decision to have surgery was made, we sent out a call to action.  This was going to cost money that 7:10 just didn’t have.  We have faithful donors, and we appreciate that immensely….  this surprise just was not in the budget.  The Lord provided and we were able to raise 920$ in just 24 hours.  Renand had surgery the next day, and spent 4 days in the hospital.


Hospitals in Haiti do not provide personal care. Any medicine, toiletries, food, bedding… all of this is provided by a family member tasked with staying with the patient.

Renand went home and the next day he was in tremendous pain and had a terrible green ooze coming out of the eye socket.  Rithza brought him to the local Lifeline clinic and was advised by the doctor to get him back to the hospital.  He had an infection.  It was to late in the day to go, so the trek back to Port-Au-Prince was made the very next day.  After arguing with staff about whether or not they would even see Renand (his follow up wasn’t for days, and he was early!!??) He was finally seen (hours later).  Gauze that was used to soak up blood during the surgery was left in his eye socket and was incredibly infected…

Infected ooze coming out of Remands eye

Just 48 hours after the removal of the gauze and more antibiotics, Renand is eating and feeling much better.  He is ready for his follow up appointment.

2 days after antibiotics, and the removal of the infected gauze.

10 days post op and it is time for Renands post op visit.  While there is no scheduled time for Renands follow up, there is a scheduled day.  Another trip to Port-Au-Prince, and another all day outing.  Renand is cleared to go back to school and told that when he starts treatment (which we assume will be chemotherapy) he may be to sick to attend school next year, so he should work very hard to finish this year strong.  BUT no pathology results are back, so we have no treatment plan. We are told we may not see pathology results until next month? (Something else I dare not question because there probably isn’t an answer)  There are two types of retinoblastoma, and depending on the type will determine the treatment.  We are praying that the results (where ever they are, all I can imagine is a rotting eye sitting somewhere not getting tested) will show that this is the non invasive type, meaning it is the type that stays put in the eye and doesn’t spread.  If it happens to be the type that spreads we will need more scans of his brain to see if and where it has gone.

Renands mother has come down out of the mountains to stay with her daughter and stay with Renand during his recovery and hopefully through his treatment.

This is Renands mother and his nephew sitting on the porch of the home they are staying in.

God has been with us through this. This is the receipt for his surgery. This is just over $400.00 US dollars. Thank you Jesus.

Psalm 103:2-4 

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,

While we wait for the pathology results please continue to pray for Renand.  He has a very long road ahead of him.  We are making sure to provide healthy food for him, all of his medicine, and transportation support during this.  If you feel led, we will need financial help to continue his care.  You can do that by clicking HERE

One need that we are praying about is a bed for Renand.  The picture below shows how and where he is sleeping right now.  While I have never gone through chemotherapy, I have heard that it is miserable.  We would love to provide this child with a comfortable place to lay his head while he is enduring treatment.  We can do this for $200.00, again, you can do this by clicking HERE and commenting that your donation is for his bed..

Isaiah 41:10 

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand.  

Please keep Ronald and Rithza in your prayers.  They are coordinating all of Remands care, and trying to run the foundation.  It is never ending for them, and need to be lifted up continuously.  Also, pray for me.  I have so many questions, and no answers.  My Why seems to throw me for a loop all the time.  Why is God seemingly throwing these children at me, when I haven’t gone looking or asked for Him to show me the sick children.  What am I supposed to do with this?  What is His will for me?

Raising Hope; Building Homes

Psalm 33:20 

We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. 

7:10 Foundation was founded with a vision for helping widows in an area of Haiti that we felt a strong connection to.  We were blessed from the moment this vision was given.  Property, wall/fence, employees, gardens, a widow, and finally the first home.  We continue to raise money for the next 9 homes, a depot, and a community kitchen on this property.  We have criteria in order for you to be eligible for a home on the widowage.  One thing that is not allowed is men.  This is for the protection of the women and children.

We are often shown the needs of many families in the village we have our ministry in.  Because there is a mom and a dad with or without children does not make their needs any less.  Some of these needs are so extreme that we want to do whatever we can to try and help these families have a safe home to live in.  Outside of the home built for our first widow on the 7:10 property, we as a foundation have been blessed with helping 5 other families build or buy homes.

When I had the chance to sit down with Rodnald and Rithza (Director and Assistant Director) at the first of the year, they mentioned that they would like 7:10 to pray about helping two different families living in destitute situations.  Today I want to share with you about these two families.

The first family lives right up the mountain from Rodnald and Rithza.  It is quite the hike up, and no vehicle could make the trek.  Every day supplies are carried up the mountainside…  heavy supplies that are necessary for living.  Like water.  This home has 8 people living in it.

Mud.  Sticks.  Tarp.  When it rains the children will go into the kitchen to try and stay dry, because there are not enough beds up off of the dirt floor to keep everyone dry.

Dad is Lerison Torrilis and he is 45 years old.  To help support his family he works in the market on market days selling bags of water.

Mom is Ozemari Alesè and she is 44 years old.  She also works on market days in the market selling clothes.

Olenison Torrilis is 20 years old, Rozeni Torrilis is 17, JnDani Torrilis is 13, Nantoni Torrilis is 11, and Yaline Torrilis is 7 years old.

This family of 8 also has a few chickens and goats, but they do not use these for profit.  Instead they will gift these for food to families in need.  Like when there is a funeral or a wedding and the meat could be used for these events.

7:10 is committed to helping this family with a new home.  Lerison and his boys are also committed to providing the labor for a new home, so we would only need to raise enough money for the materials for a new home.  We would also like to raise enough money to provide a rain catching system for this family.  During the dry season they would still have to haul their water up the mountain side, but during rainy season it would save so much time and energy, all while providing safe, clean water.  To do this we need to raise $6000.00.  Interested?  Please click HERE and make sure to leave a note on your donation that your funds are for the Torrilis family.

Proverbs 19:17

He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given. 

The next family has 9 people living on the property.  They live in the same type of houses as the first family, Stick.. Mud…Tarp….  One has Rock.  There are two structures on this property.

The patriarch of the family is Eliotte Marcellus, he is 65 years old.  Elliotte is married to Nalia Martel who is 63.  Together they have 3 children, Nlòise 30, Esaié 28, and Herold 23.  Also living in the home are nephews Zigaud Vilmeus age 24, Jeff Kerry age 17, Erick Vilmous age 26, and Wideline Overtus 15.

Elliott works hard in his gardens to try and feed his family.  His boys will help him when they can. Madam Eliotte will make and sell food in the “little market” where many mountain people gather and leave their donkeys and mules when they head to the market.  This money is not enough to do much other than feed themselves.

This is one room in the stick and mud house.

This property is also located a good distance from water and a rain catching system would benefit them greatly.  Again, $6000.00 for the materials and the very able and willing residents will be in charge of the labor of this home.  Need the link again?  Click HERE to donate and please mark that it is for the Marcellus home.

Would you like more information about these families and why they are so dear to our hearts?  Or, maybe you would like to plan a short term missions trip to Haiti with us and see these homes with your own eyes?  Please do not hesitate to email me at tanja@710foundation.org

Raising Hope, Building Homes

Did you know that  a 2 room home, with a porch and a latrine, can be built for under $5500.00?

It can.  Look what the foundation, with God’s blessing, was able to do for the Joseph family:

daniel3 daniel4 Daniela daniel10

The above photos were of the home before, and after you all pulled together to help raise enough money for this family of NINETEEN, a new home was built:

DSCN2566Daniels House CompleteDSCF9278Update joseph home



The last time we were in Haiti, we met a family that we have called “the family in the woods”.  This family of 7 was living literally on the ground.  When it rained nobody would sleep because there was not a dry spot to lay.  The team was able to put together around $750 dollars while we were still there to get a frame and a roof for this family, which is a HUGE start.  We would love to raise the rest of the money ($2500.00) to get the walls put up for this family.

house in the woods7

This is what the family was living “in” before the founder of Children’s Lifeline was introduced to the St. Jaques family. He shared this heart wrenching story with the team (7:10) at Lifeline.


The door to the temporary shelter while the new one is being built.

image (3) - Copy

This is what has been completed for the family in the woods. They are dry and have a roof over their heads, but walls would be great!!

photo 2

This is mama, Madam Raymond St. Jaques, with the youngest, Wisnel St. Jaques, 6 month

house in the woods5

Before the tarp was on, you can see the tin for the roof.


The foundation has been talking about single mother Madam Datilus for over a year now.  She was the first home that the God blessed the foundation with enough money to purchase.  It took longer because since she was homeless she had no property of her own.  We were actually able to purchase a nice home and property for the $5000.00 that was raised.  She is still in need of a Latrine, and this can be constructed for about $250.00



Madam Datilus and her 5 Children now have a home of there own


This is Mama and 3 of her girls. The two that are sitting are the two that are physically disabled.


The team gifted the family with 3 goats during the last visit to Haiti.


There is so much need in Haiti.  So many people in need of a safe and secure roof over their heads.  Walls to surround them.  We have been trying to figure out what we can do to raise interest.  What would it take to build homes for people in need in Haiti.  Listen to this!  (or in your case, read this)  IF we could get JUST 150 families to commit to JUST $10.00 a month, we could build THREE homes a YEAR!!  Doesn’t this sound awesome!

(Side bar note here—-)  I know that we have homeless in the United States also.  And I am not heartless, but, I know that there are jobs available…. there is assistance available……  There are no government programs in Haiti to help out families in need.  The availability and options are so much grander here..  

Let’s take a look at what you do with $10.00 a month.  (33 cents a day)  Stop at a gas station and buy a soda or a coffee and throw the 33 cents in your ash tray, or lose it in your couch cushion.  In one day you can easily spend that $10.00 on a meal at McDonald’s, or bring home 2 gallons of milk. A Netflix subscription…. Would you miss 33 cents a day?  Could your family commit to $10.00 a month?  I put this request out on Facebook a while back, and I did get one person to commit to $10.00 a month.  Only 149 to go!!  🙂  It is so easy to do….  Follow this link: http://www.710foundation.org/donate/


This link will take you right our secure Paypal site, where you can put your donation amount in and check the box under “make this recurring (monthly)”.   There is a place where you can note what your donation is for.  If you are choosing to make this commitment please comment “Raising hope, building homes”

Hebrews 1316

7:10 Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  The board and committees consist of volunteers, no salaries are paid to our members.  All donations are tax deductible.  The things that we do as a foundation, we are only able to do because of the giving hearts of people like you.  The blessings on the families in Haiti are only made possible through the Lord, and you.

Thank you for all that you do.  I ask that you please share our blog site with your friends and family and if you are on Facebook, please like our Facebook page at facebook.com/710foundation

Blessings to you and yours~Tanja

7:10 Event

Here we are, one day away from our booth in Perham, MN.  We will have lots of information at our booth ready for you to see.  We have some materials from Children’s Lifeline with information on sponsoring a child, and other material.  We will have a drawing for a basket made by the “basket lady” in Haiti.  Depending on if we have power, we will also have a slide show of our last visit to Haiti.  If you can not visit us in Perham, I welcome you to view our slideshow from our website or:



I would tell you to follow your nose tomorrow to find us, but I am not sure which plant in Perham will be emitting a scent, so I will tell you we will be set up in the parking lot across from Pizza Ranch, behind Gene’s Sport Shop.  The closer you get, you will know we are there with the smell of hot fresh popped kettle corn.  If you could please join us in our prayer that the rain will stay away between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, it would be greatly appreciated.


I had asked on a swap and shop site a while back for anyone that may have un-opened formula that they were no longer using.  I had some response and am very excited to be taking donations of un-opened, not expired baby formula tomorrow also.  It got me thinking that maybe some of you that will be visiting tomorrow might have some other unused items that could be donated for us to bring with us to Haiti.  Formula, diapers, baby powder, bottles (new).  Also, we will have a display of a “love bundle” for Children’s Lifeline, and encourage you to put one together too. Here is a link to what a “love bundle” is:


We will also have a bowl for donations to go to the home that we would like to help fund through Children’s Lifeline for Madam Datilus.  She is the single mother of 5 children that is in need of her own home to shelter and raise her children.  Two of her children are handicapped and can not walk.  A home through Children’s Lifeline is $5000.00, and would be two rooms and a porch.  Again, if you are not able to visit us tomorrow you can make a difference with a donation for the home by clicking the “donate now” button above, and noting that you would like your gift to go towards the home for Madam Datilus.

Thank you for your prayers for the success of this foundation.  I know that the Lord always provides, and His hand in our lives is always where it is supposed to be.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Blessings to you all,